About Me

A request or may be an order by my family and friends to start and express my  views via blog is the initially urge that was needed to start a blog.

And Indian Food Express is the brain-child of Geetha Sridhar, TEACHER, MOTHER, SOCIAL WORKER, MASTER CHEF FAME -SEASON 4, which took shape way back in 2016.

Yes, didn’t want to restrict the thoughts to few south indian recipes as well I believe that even sky isn’t the limit.

And sometimes when we put our heart and soul into something we love, it all comes together. The tiny words of encouragement from chef,, fellow bloggers, friends and humans were the biggest recognition that kept the passion flourish.

cooking is a passion or simply a thing that bonds me together and Indian Food Express  makes that possible.

Indian Food Express covers  food love and food recipes  in-short anything that interests in food..

To reach us check the Contact Us page or mail to geetusridhar@gmail.com