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Seared duck breast by Chef Rajesh Shetty, Executive Chef, GVK Lounge by Travel Food Services.

Seared Duck Breast by  Chef Rajesh Shetty, Executive Chef, GVK Lounge by Travel Food Services.  
Ingredients  Duck Breast 1 no’s  Onion 50 gm  Garlic 10 gm
 Snow peas 20 gm
 Roasted pepper 30 gm
 Micro greens 5gm
Potato Pave
 Large potato 3 Nos  cream 2 cup  Olive Oil 1 tbsp.  Salt to taste
 Crushed pepper to taste
 Thyme Sprig
Sauce  Tangerine Reduction 30 ml  Citrus Marmalade 20 gm  Burnt red pepper Sauce 50 gm
Garnish  Micro greens
1. Marinate Duck breast with five spice powder and olive oil.
2. Heat oil in a pan, sauté chopped garlic add in cream and stock and seasoning, add the slice
potato and cook for a while finish with parmesan cheese and thyme. Set it aside. Layer the
potato in a greased pan. Cover with butter paper and foil. Bake the pave for 40 mins 160
degree. Refrigerate and portion as per specs.
3. Roast the marinated bell pepper (red) in tandoor for 5-7 mins. Wrap with clean wrap when
hot and allow to cool. Remove the skin and seeds. And puree the roasted bell pepper.
Season as per taste.
4. Sear the duck, skin side down, this is done to render the duck fat. Pan sear on the other side
and finish cooking in the oven. Do not overcook the meat. It is best had at Medium
doneness. Allow to rest for 2-3 mins
5. Place the red puree across the dinner plate, place the potato pave in centre of the plate .
6. Place the roast pepper and sautéed snow peas, citrus marmalade alternately
7. Drizzle the tangerine reduction over slice duck breast
8. Garnish with micro greens.

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