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How to Spend Christmas & Ring in New Year’s in Singapore? Know about 4 Must-Visit Places!

It’s 12 O’clock in the night… Her body fits right in your arms… Both of you are lost in each other…
Sapphire blue light makes her more beautiful… Love is in the air… All the crackers are buzzing outside…
You are ringing in the new year!
What can be better than welcoming a whole year with your lady in such a dreamy sequence? Especially
when you are spending Christmas in Singapore, you’re ought to get into a romantic mood. The whole
Merlion City gets decked up in lights and becomes the Santa for letting you create some moments to
cherish for life.

In Singapore, Christmas is treated as a very special occasion that includes hopping, entertainment, and
spectacular Christmas lights. If you are wondering how to spend those special days with your beloved in
Singapore, here are some ideas you can rely on. Starting from the shopping districts of Orchard Road
and light spectacles at Marina Bay, this place offers you tons of exquisite things to ooze up your
Singapore tour.
See the Lights on Orchard Road

You will find every street Orchard Road shining with bright Christmas lights and the street glows with
the joy of Santa coming. The stunning Christmas lights shine through the island's prime shopping and
entertainment districts. You will find the shopping malls awake till late night hours and that makes
shopping in Singapore is a great experience. Moreover, there are also a great number of hotels and
restaurants where you can buy your favorite local foods and enjoy your eve among the stunning
Christmas lights.
Join the Esplanade New Year’s Eve Countdown

If you are bored with fireworks and carnivals, you can catch the live countdown with Nick Zavior, Amni
Musfirah & The Hustlers, NovoBloco and Bloco Singapura. They ring the New Year bell with their live
music performance. You can join the night for free and the timing is between 7.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m.
Join the Marina Bay Countdown During the New Years Eve

While you are visiting Singapore, Marina Bay Countdown is one of the greatest things you need to
experience. The front-row view of the fireworks attracts more than 300,000 people every year and to

observe that you need to appear early. You also need to spend some to eat and the local foods and
beverages are enough to satisfy your tummy and soul. Also, the Marina Bay Carnival offers 50 rides and
games that include dress-up contests, food challenges, and a dance competition. If you are with your
family or friends or whatever, you are sure to enjoy it!
Visit the Christmas Village and Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday!

Another great holiday destination for Singapore trip is the Christmas Village where you will be able to
enjoy various holiday events, activities that include amusement rides, a two-level carousel, visiting Santa
at the Santa House, and more. Moreover, you will also find twenty-five different food vendors in the
Shaw House Urban Plaza which we call the Great Christmas Village. And it starts from November 23 to
December 26.
These places are compelling enough to suffice your Christmas holiday and make it the best days of your
life. Get in touch with Pickyourtrail for great Singapore packages and to have your ultimate tour within
your budget. Pack all your favorite attires and just fly out to this beautiful city.

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