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Dazzling enough as it is, Mumbai is a city meant for adventurers. Different people have different names for Mumbai. Night crawlers call it as the city that never sleeps and the dreamers tag it as the city of dreams. It is also the city that parties all night, courtesy to all the happening bars located in the city. From the seedy dance bars to the fancy hotel discotheques, Mumbai has something for every party hopper. In the long list of truly exciting bars, ‘London Taxi’ is a name that stands out for it’s interesting title and the hope of a good time roused by imaginations about London. It’s located at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

This very hip gastropub sets itself apart with it’s sophisticated grub matched by a décor that will transport you to the very heart of London.

Now let’s experience London Taxi food

Lebanese Barley Salad
This salad contains barley tossed with pomegranate, olives, pickled vegetables, parsley, thyme crouton. All ingredients makes this salad so colorful and healthy and same served with burnt garlic yoghurt.
Which was wonderful.

Roasted Tomato Bell Pepper Soup

Though I am not the biggest fan of creamy soups this roasted tomato and red pepper soup totally conquered me and my family lately. It is a creamy comforting summer soup, full of flavor, served with thyme doughnut crouton that makes it really irresistible.

Veg Bao
These delicious and fluffy vegan Bao Buns with water chestnuts, broccoli, baby corn and tofu, tossed in hot oriental sauce and stuffed in homemade charcoal Bao.

Grilled Vegetable flatbread
This Roasted Vegetable Flatbread is perfect for entertaining, and has a delicious variety of vegetables such as Bell Pepper, baby corn, zucchini, corn, jalapeno and olives makes this bread too yummy..

Birmingham lotus seed Curry
A British style korma curry served with cheddar jalapeno kulcha and pickled vegetables was too yummy..

Sober Sherlock
It was a mocktail based out of sweet life juice, strawberry, rose syrup and topped with pickled gherkins over the ice. Which was too refreshing and the presentation was fabulous.

Overall the gastropub spills across two spacious floors. To have a quieter time, ask to be seated in the upper level but if you want to party and join in the fun then head downstairs where the bar is located. Décor is very much contemporary with edgy design elements melting with a vibrant atmosphere. Dim ambient lighting makes London Taxi an ideal place for couples.

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