Jade – Buddha’s Pub and Kitchen

The city has almost come to a standstill with the Ola and Uber services going on strike. Inspite of difficulties, Hazeline Thakkar, went out of her way to fetch me from my residence and take to dine at

that is tucked away in the alleys of Navi Mumbai. As the name suggests the restaurant opens to offering its patrons the choicest in Pan Asian cuisine.

I walked into a typical Zen space! I could feel the balance of the yin and yang taking over. The décor is simple, and minimalistic with rustic hues completing the same. I was simply delighted to be here. The staff was courteous, and made me feel like royalty. I was astounded by the hygiene at the restaurant. The restaurant is artfully designed using state of the art equipment. They have put much thought in planning the fire exits, ensuring immediate safety for their patrons.

I started with the delicious Veg. Oriental Clear soup. I sought so much comfort in the same that I opted for another helping. The Steam rice coupled with the vegetable Thai Green Curry was simply out of the world! My friends who accompanied me couldn’t stop raving about the ‘Golden fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayo’. I have been taking to sushi off late! I certainly enjoyed the ‘Veg. Cucumber Sushi’ here. The ‘Prawns Tempura’ was authentically prepared. It is a must have at Jade! I went onward to try the ‘Veg. Barbeque Bau’. The dish has a bucolic edge and the vegetables were smoked to perfection. I have always been picky about the mushrooms, and the ‘Spicy Mushroom Dimsum’ was lip smacking. The dish was well spiced, and I had to hold myself before I could send for another helping. The ‘Black Bean Vegetable’ was beyond my expectation. Unlike the usual black bean this variation had certain freshness about it! On my interaction with chef Steven Meninos Fernandes and Chef Vishal Jadhav, I leant that the sauces and gravies were prepared in-house, using freshly sourced spices and vegetables. The chefs knew their cuisine well, their acquired knowledge was well translated in the way they prepared their meals. I enjoyed the ‘Veg. Kungpao’! I believe the ‘Oyster Steamed Fish’ has imparted a unique exotic flavor.

I have been on a diet since quite some time now! However I was smitten by the charms of the ‘Sizzling Brownie’ and swallowed it down all by myself (yes I didn’t want to share this with anyone). The restaurant staff kindly packed me the Choco Lava cake which I took him for my daughter. The desserts were drool worthy and I could but help foiling my diet!

All in all the meal was delicious. I cannot stop thinking of the efforts invested by Hazeline Thakkar to make this place the way it is. It is a sheer delight to walk in and get the best of South and South East Asian cuisine here. I look forward to coming here once again.

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