Happy Feet Home

Happy feet home is non government organization which is located at sion.
Terminal illness – these two words strung together have the power to unsettle even the toughest ones, and it only gets harder when they come to be associated with a child.
The 37-year-old Mumbai resident believes that no matter how much, or little, time a child has left, his or her life deserves normalcy and on occasion, even celebration. This philosophy forms the cornerstone of Happy Feet Home, India’s first hospice for terminally ill children.

To resolve their pain points at a more meaningful level, they also offers one-on-one, group, and family counseling, healthy meals, bereavement support, and therapy for patients using various art forms – music, movement, painting, storytelling, etc. Happy Feet Home also conducts routine health checks to prevent other illnesses, and tries to sponsor medicines for those who cannot afford them.

I felt so lucky today I got an great opportunity to spend time with such a cute children. They have organised a cup cake decoration activity. My kids learnt how to make dressing on cupcakes that was really proud moment. I was so surprised about their talents and somewhere I felt we have to learn a lot from them. And for fun I have made Tik Tok videos with these children.

So there are many non-government organizations that are working towards poverty eradication, but the success rate is very meager. The reason is simple, lack of people’s participation. We can’t eradicate poverty without people’s active participation. There is no denying of the fact that more supportive hands can share the burden easily, so everyone must join hands to address the plight of underprivileged children.

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