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Family Tree restaurant is located at Thane West. Taking the concept of family dining to a new level, Family Tree believes that a family that eats together stays together.

Thane has yet another restaurant to show off! This time it’s a vegetarian joint that wants you to take your time out with your family and dine together.

The restaurant’s cuisine makes a difference, they are believing that families in India today have forgotten to dine together outside of the house. A country that holds family traditions in much regard is missing out on a basic ritual like eating. And they tapped right into it.

Let me begin with my yummy food experience

Watermelon feta salad
This refreshing Watermelon Feta Salad with Mint is perfect for summer. Sweet ripe watermelon salad combined with feta cheese and fresh mint is simply dressed with olive oil and lime juice. It’s a sweet-and-salty combination was totally refreshing.

Veg clear soup
Clear Soups are known to be light, refreshing and soothing too. They are thin liquid soups made of water or stock, with crisp titbits of veggies or beans.

Ticket to Tikki
Aloo tikki is a popular Snack across India made using mashed potatoes, spice powders and other basic ingredients. But this Tikki was totally different with an amazing taste and presentation.

Quesadilla Mexicana

A quesadilla is a Mexican dish and type of taco, consisting of a tortilla that is filled primarily with cheese, and , beans, vegetables, and spices, and then cooked on a griddle. Was too yummy..

Paneer Satay
Paneer Satay Recipe is made with marinated paneer cooked on a stove top grill or in an oven. This protein rich Paneer is delicious and it served with a Peanut Dipping Sauce.

Bubble Gum Mojito
Bubblegum Mint Mojito is going to become your favorite summer drink. This is the perfect sweet drink for a chill night with your friends and family.

Chocolate flower pot
chocolate mousse flower pots topped with cookie crumb dirt and cute little chocolate plant was an amazing dessert. Too chocolaty dessert.

Royal Falooda
Royal falooda is a cold desert syrup made from cashews, rose milk and other fruits. It has a delectable and astonishing taste that can’t be ignored.

3G Mocktails
This an amazing and outstanding drink. Combination of grape, guava and Grenadine.

The ambience of this place looks quite chic with unique wooden décor. The place is huge with a comfortable seating area. Totally worth time spent with family and friends.

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