Cafe pair a dice @Oshiwara, Mumbai

The Mumbai rains are very enticing. It totally induces one to pause and indulge in doing something silly. On a day such as this I was smitten by a mood such as this and found myself making my way to the ‘Pair a Dice Café’ at Oshiwara, in Mumbai.
The décor was chilled and reminded me of a teenager’s room. The café came alive with board games and had a chilled air. I found myself pretty drawn o the shelf that housed the games. I learnt that none of these games were from India. Garima Bagrecha, the founder invested a lot of thought while planning the café. She stated that she wanted her visitors to cherish an out of the box café experience, and I must add that she has been pretty successful at that. The choice of games was refreshing taking a complete departure from the mundane lot.
While Garima Lunawat Bagrecha and I found us getting engrossed in a game named ‘Spot It’, her enthused staff absolutely took over making me feel at ease. Deepak, our servitor went an extra mile to get me a cuppa chai. Infact they went a length up to arrange for a cup for me, since I was craving a cup. They did this inspite of not having the beverage on the menu.
The café has a varied menu, with fun names attributed to each of the eatables. I started on the ‘Patchwork on Pizza’s – which was a Mexican delight. The pizza was delicious complete with a homemade base and Mexican Toppings. The ‘Muse Cottage Cheese with Barbeque Sauce’, was simply delicious. The ‘‘Spot it’ – Avocado on toast’ was simply delightful. I have a fetish for mushrooms, and the ‘Zingo Baked Mushroom’, totally did the trick. The dish comprised of a three-cheese mushroom.
I haven’t been much of a freak-shake person, but the ‘Boss Monster’ was the best I have had so far. This is a classic Oreo freak-shake. My sweet tooth certainly got the better of me, and I took a dig into the ‘Bang On Kitkat’ freak-shake too. Both these are must have’s at the ‘Pair a Dice Café’.
All in all, the visitation to the café was an absolute delight. I even had a chance to interact with their in house chef Rintu and Babulal. It was indeed a day well spent. A perfect place for family and friends to meet and catch up with!

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