BEATROOT : Music Camping Project by Moonstone Hammock

BEATROOT : Music Camping Project by Moonstone Hammock 

Venue: Shelu, Karjat
Date: 16th November 2019, 3 PM to 17th November, 11 AM
Cost: Rs. 4,190 to Rs. 16,779
Contact: hey@moonstonehammock.com
Website: www.moonstonehammock.com

Moonstone Hammock presents to you, a first of its kind ‘Music Camping Project’ right in the lap of nature!
BEATROOT, a platform fabricated to mesmerize its audience and facilitate a one-of-a-kind camping adventure, is a group of energetic and talented artists best known to produce foot-tapping Western and Desi beats clubbed with the melodies of nature.
Splurge in an alluring Flea Bazaar and unwind with riveting workshops! Indulge with your loved ones and learn to weave dream catchers that suit your vibe, doodle your heart out and surround yourself with “all things artistic”.
What follows next is a whole lot of rejuvenating action and adventure! Witness the day unfold into a treasurable memory with activities like the Sundowner Pool Party with groove.inc., lip-smacking Barbeque, Kayaking, Camp Fire with Indie Folk Music from The Tipsy Gipsy and a special Movie Screening under the stars to enliven your cosy, winter night.
And last but not the least, experience exuberance and bliss at its zenith as the voice that ruled hearts, Juggy Sandhu, performs his Bollywood hits LIVE!
Tired much from the mundanity of life? Time to kick back and relax amidst the euphonious melodies of nature and experience euphoria to the fullest.
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