Above & Beyond all day cafe

Located at Mahakali Caves Road, Mumbai, Above & Beyond is a stylish and colorful European-style family restaurant. With tastefully done interiors, colorful plush sofas and trendy wall art, the restaurant is a great place for a family get-together or a small gathering. Its ambience is absolutely unique and refreshing. The perfect use of material like rope n stairs, tin chairs, black board for menu and low-rise seating makes it a popular spot amongst youngsters. The menu boasts of a variety of European cuisines which is an added attraction for today’s generation.

I got an golden opportunity to experience chef’s signature menu

Arabiatia Pasta
pasta arrabiata is a popular pasta recipe from the italian cuisine. in this dish the pasta is spiced with red chilies and thus the pasta becomes spicy. hence the name “arrabiata” which means angry in italian language. the word angry here is referred to the spiciness in the pasta. It was too
delicious, and a wonderful vegetarian alternative for the traditionally more meaty dishes of Italian cuisine.

Belgium waffles
Belgian waffles were originally leavened with yeast, but baking powder is now often used. They are often eaten as a breakfast food; toppings vary from whipped cream, confectioners sugar, soft fruit, and chocolate spread, to syrup and butter or margarine. Was an amazing and crunchier dessert.

Virgin Mojito

One of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the country, Virgin Mojito is a perfect blend of mint and lemon flavours into a refreshing mix which rejuvenates the senses and makes you calm at once. Too refreshing beverages.

The food boasts of good quality and flavours and is affordably priced. This place serves no alcohol. The lone service staff although warm and helpful is harried as he is busy executing delivery orders as well as attending to guests.
It is everything Above & Beyond your expectation!

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