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Society Tea has launched their flagship tea café, Tea Terminal.

“Society Tea has always been known for its impeccable quality & taste when it comes to tea and what sets Tea Terminal apart, with cafes mushrooming all over the city, is this very essence – an ability to provide ‘A Great Cup of Tea’ even outside of your home,” the company said in a statement.
When the realisation happened that a great cup of tea is wishful thinking for many outside of their homes, be it offices or otherwise, Tea Terminal came into being. At Tea Terminal, we are ‘revolutionising tea’ by making a great cup of tea available outside your home. When was the last time you enjoyed a really nice cup of tea in office? While the chai-tapri near the office is a regular fixture, what if there was a thoughtfully designed place where you got a smile-inducing cup of tea and lip-smacking food that perfectly complimented the tea. Or, better still, both delivered right to your desk.
Apart from tea, the café promises an authentic range of food that will relish your taste buds with Mumbai’s popular street style food, some other lip-smacking & healthy snacks and variety of home-made thali’s for lunch and dinner. The menu also consists of grab-and –go breakfast and lunches, which is not only healthy & nutritious but will also tantalize your taste buds.

Let’s move on to food that I have tried

Tea Time Favorites it’s menu name under this
Dhokla Pakoda
It’s Khaman dhokla stuffed thecha (basically a green chilies mixture) and cheese served with thecha and curd chutney on the side. Perfect snack for one cup of tea.

Menu name is Pav wich in this Thecha cheese was an amazing and cheesy snacks it’s pav stuffed with thecha and cheese served along with potato crisps, thecha and tomato ketchup.

TT Twist
Parantha Pizza
Pizza has become a universal food enjoyed by all. Pizza paratha is perfect for the times when you want to enjoy your tea. Base is malabari Parantha spread with pizza sauce, thecha and cheese with oregano flakes on top as garnish served with tomato ketchup.

Missal Pav Platter
It’s platter with farsan, ussal curry, chopped onions, lemon wedges, mini brows pav, rogan, caramelized onions, fried garlic and mini batata vada. It’s perfect and spicy platter to enjoy your tea.

Conscious Eating
Quinoa Cranberry Upma
Healthy indian style quinoa upma made with lots of veggies and cranberry fruits.This upma is perfect for breakfast and it makes great lunch too.

Now let’s start some fun with tea
Milk Teas
Masala Tea
Freshly brewed tea with a flavor of ginger, lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper served with animal biscuits.

Elachi Tea
Elaichi tea is an Indian/Pakistani tea that is made with green cardamom pods, a tea bag, milk and sugar. It has a slightly spicey but sweet flavour tea which is more healthy tea.

Herbal Teas @tea terminal
Happy Glow
I ordered Happy glow tea and that indeed brought glow on my face.
It’s an unique tea name happy glow is a blend of green tea leaves, chrysathemum, rose buds, rose petals, rhubarb almonds, licorice flakes and lemon balm.

Now let’s cool our day by cold teas
Iced Teas
Rose Licorice Iced Tea
It’s a refreshing iced tea with the flavor of rose and licorice flakes and rose petals on top as garnish.

Peach and Apple Iced Tea
Stay refreshed this summer with a tall glass of peach tea with a hint of apple goodness. It’s a fruitful iced tea with peach and apple twist and apple bits on top as garnish.

Now let’s end my evening with an amazing and delicious desserts.
Sweet Tooth nothing but its menu name
Mawa cake with masala milk
This dessert is just awesome that is freshly baked Mawa cake dipped in kesar milk with pistas are mouthwatering dessert ever tried.

Tea caramel custard
A delicious caramel custard infused with classic Darjeeling tea and chocolate icing on top was lip smacking dessert.
Very good hospitality by Mr. Rohit Jadhav. The environment here at Tea Terminals is so welcoming! With such a wide variety of teas and specialty drinks they also complete their Tea experience by providing plenty of board games and a good choice in music. All snack and teas were served with amazing and attractive presentation.

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