Geeta Sridhar. Born in Chennai, she’s a primary school teacher, a Master Chef Finalist and mommy to 30 beautiful children!

It all began when Geeta’s dad –  someone, who used to push others towards a healthy lifestyle suddenly fell ill. On further investigation, Geeta’s family realised that he was in the terminal stages of Cancer. It left Geeta shaken, when she witnessed first hand the trauma that Cancer patients go through. His dying wish was for Geeta to do something for people suffering from cancer, something to alleviate their pain.

One day, Geeta’s daughter – then just eight, placed a strange condition to her parents. She insisted she’d only have her food if her parents promised to do as she wished. When Geeta finally relented, her daughter insisted she wanted to shave her hair completely. Geeta was quite upset with her daughter – not wanting to cut her lovely hair, but her daughter was insistent. And Geeta honoured her promise.
When she went to pick her daughter up from school the following day, one of the mothers ran up to her in tears and hugged her. Geeta discovered that her daughter had asked to shave her hair to support her friend. He was undergoing chemotherapy and was being teased by his classmates.
Geeta was left wondering, that if her eight -year -old could do something so selflessly, she could do so much more.

Geeta was determined to do something for those ailing from Cancer. Through family friends, she found about a group of children who were suffering from various stages of Cancer, who needed love and attention, more than anything else.
With the resources she had, Geeta decided to accept these 28 children. They now live in a special home which restricts visitors –  to reduce the chances of infection, and Geeta spends most of her free time with them. She’s fondly called Geetu Ma and she is, for all intents and purposes their mother.

The home runs on Geeta’s contribution as well as help from her friends and well wishers. Everything from cash donations to contributions in the form of toys and clothing have come in from various sources to help Geeta in this wonderful cause.
People wishing to help out in any way can contact Geeta directly at geetusridhar@gmail.com

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