“My father passed away completely out of the blue — one day he was fine and the next day he was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. He was in excruciating pain, but before he passed away he told me ‘take all of my property and put it to good use.’
A few weeks after his death, I resumed working at the school in Sion where I had worked for many years…but everyday, I only thought of ways to do something for cancer patients. About 2 months later I met a doctor from Pune who told me that there was a hospital in Pune, where little orphaned children were suffering from various stages in cancer, but were not given the right treatment because of the lack of resources. I adopted all 28 of these children and took each one of them as my own. I moved them to our plot in Wadala, where they are now cared for and looked after by a doctor 24 hours a day.
When I first met them, many of them were not expected to live beyond a few days…but now 7 years later most of them are still alive, healthy and happy. I’ve had a lot of volunteers who teach my children and people with large hearts who have donated heavily to our school. Because they’re prone to infections, I myself am not allowed to visit them except on Sunday… but that is the day I cook for them and feed them with my own hands.
I continue to work at my school in Sion, but my colleagues and principal have been extremely supportive. In fact, I am allowed to leave 2 periods early to attend to the needs of my other children…there are beautiful people in this world who have always come forward to help. That is the only way I can make sure I attend the chemo sessions of each and every one of these children…I never want them to feel alone in the hospital.
But by far the best feeling in the world is to cook for my children…they appreciate every little thing. Just the other day one of my girls wanted to eat chakris…so when I made some and fed it to them on Sunday, that little girl said to me, ‘Geetuma your cooking is world best!’ Like all mothers, my heart melts when they call me Geetu’ma’ and more so when they like my food…what more can I ask for?”

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