Gughan Supreme south indian Restaurant at marine lines

as the name suggests it gives you an authentic feel of South India. Located 5mins from Marine Lines station the venue gives you a resemblance of some Temple in South Indian. Every corner of the restaurant has some or the other antique with its own uniqueness.
Tired of the regular South Indian eating joints in and around Dadar and Matunga or are just looking for a change of taste for your palate? Here I found Gughan Supreme South Indian, an absolute stunner of restaurant.

The brainchild of humble Mr SD Gughan, this restaurant doles out the most delicious and authentic Tamilian (to be precise) dishes that our palates have tasted in Mumbai. I have started our culinary journey to Tamil Nadu with their piping hot Rasam Vadai and Nei Milagapodi Idli, both of which were flavour-filled and orgasmic, to say the least.

Nei Milagapodi Madras Onion Dosai
A deliciously spicy and tangy flavor of Milagai podi and onions on crispy dosa that too they will serve hot and their sambar is too tasty. We all like this dosa very much.

Tomato and onion Oothapam
It is a very famous uttapam variety. Perfectly cooked and toppings onions tomatoes are gave additional taste to this oothapam.

Moving to the main course, I have ordered their Gughan Supreme Meals Thali, a meal that teleported us to a typical Tamilian home where love is served to you on a banana leaf. This meal comprises of dal with ghee, sambar, rasam, kaara kozhambu (a spicy and special gravy), veg biryani, veg kurma, a bowl of rice, two types of vegetables, curd, buttermilk, pickle and chutney. You can choose between 2 flaky parathas, mini uthappams, or pooris to enjoy the vegetables with, and pick between payasam or sheera to end your meal on an absolute high. While you might wonder about how we fit in so much food into our tiny stomachs, Mr Gughan promises that the food at the restaurant is prepared just the way they prepare food at home i.e., no preservatives, no artificial colouring and using desi ghee (only where required) which makes it easier for digestion and allows us to enjoy more authentic delicacies!

When it’s south Indian cuisine restaurant so you must end your meal by drinking authentic tamilian coffee i.e., Tamil digree filter coffee it’s an amazing coffee it will beat other hot and cold coffee. South Indian filter coffee is a strong, milky coffee decoction that’s made with a stainless steel coffee filter, and served in a traditional dabarah and tumbler.

Service was prompt and the food was served piping hot just the way I love it. The food was distinctly home style so wasn’t excessively spiced and neither did they compromise taste and quality.
Absolute Paisa Vasul Place!

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