F & K Sandwich centre Goregaon west.

F & K sandwich centre is located at Goregaon west. Which is nearly opened at Topiwala centre. This is a great spot for quick bites. It offers a variety of preparations on the menu from Fast Food cuisines at pocket-friendly prices. It is one of the great place of the area and manages to attract office-goers, which helps increase the place’s appeal.

Let’s move on to sandwiches which I tried

Bright 79
This is menu name under this I tried Mushroom Grilled Sandwich
Grilled Mushroom Sandwich is a simple and delicious Breakfast sandwich that is filled with nutritious mushrooms. Served with spicy green chutney.

Bravo 149
Indian Madras Coconut Curry Flavour Cheese Sandwich
It’s an unique sandwich ever tried this sandwich is made of mashed potatoes, lettuce, onion tomato, capsicum and the layer of madras coconut curry sauce was amazing and delicious served with chutney and crispy chips..

Brilliant 129
Tandoori Sauce Paneer Cheese Sandwich
This sandwich is too cheesy with amazing tandoori sauce flavour. This is made of mashed potatoes, lettuce, onion, tomato, capsicum and layer of tandoori sauce…

Cheese Loaded 99
Raw mango chutney and vegetable cheese grilled sandwich
There are no words to describe how delicious the vegetable grilled cheese sandwich is and it served with raw mango chutney…

F & K Bulk 249
French Mushroom and Spinach Cheese and Bechamel sauce sandwich
I love these Mushroom and Spinach Toasted Sandwiches for a veggie packed lunch. And as you know, toasted sandwiches are so quick to pull together and it served with Béchamel sauce, also known as white sauce, is made from a white roux and milk. one of the mother sauces of French cuisine.

Vegetable cheese garlic bread
Delicious crispy french bread topped with roasted garlic and herbs with vegetables was an amazing and cheesy.

Classic Cheese Fondue
Fondue is a Swiss melted cheese dish served in a communal pot over a portable stove heated with a candle or spirit lamp, and eaten by dipping bread into the cheese using long-stemmed forks.

Melted Chocolate Sandwich
The chocolate sandwich is something which has captured the hearts of many Mumbaikars. At this place 2 types of chocolates used to make this sandwich it was too soft and chocolicious.

F & K sandwich is best place to enjoy your quick bites and ambience, presentation of sandwiches is too good. Also you will get free Wi-Fi to spend your time with cheesy sandwiches and other snacks.
If you want to experience a different types and unique sandwiches then the F & K sandwich this is the place for it. Classic street food style, hot and fresh, jaw droppingly tasty!

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