IAM so thrilled to experience Red FM’s #SouthSideStory which is a festival that brings south Indian music, cuisine and culture to other parts of India.

Lunch event with a meet and greet with RJ Mantra & RJ Akriti from Red FM and enjoyed delicious south Indian cuisine at South High, Lower Parel

Those who haven’t visited South India & tasted it, this is the place you should come & taste the dishes.

During South Indian festivals this restaurant serves its speciality dishes too apart from normal dishes.

I visited this restaurant 10 times before also but today i got a family feeling coz we all were eating lunch together which is a South Indian tradition too.

Coming to dishes let see wat all we tasted.Have a look below :

VEG THALI : Thali here means “Banana Leaves”.It consisted of idli pieces,medu vada,chilli bhajji,coconut chutney,puri,lachcha paratha,uttappa dosa,paneer curry,rasam,papad,brown boiled rice,pickles,buttermilk chaas.

I ordered “Mulugatwamy Soup” which is my favourite soup in that restaurant.Ibjust loved it.

Coming to drinks there was “Minty Jaljeera Ice”,”Imli Soda”,”Anarasa”,”Virgin Mojito Flavoured”,”Cucumber & Coriander Sour”,”Mampalum Kari Martini”.

Minty Jaljeera Ice : This drink made using mint leaves/pudina,jaljerra masala with dash of ice.

Imli Soda : This drink made using imli or tamarind pulp mixed with soda.

Anarasa : Anar means pomegranate & ras means juice.Juice made using pomegranate.

Virgin Mojito Flavoured : Its a type of mocktail.

Cucumber & Coriander Soup : Drink made using cucumber & coriander mixed with gin.

Mampalum Kari Martini : Another flavoured mocktail.

Later on Satish ordered few non veg dishes to taste.

“Chicken Ghee Roast” & “Chicken Kadipatta” were d dishes ordered by him.

Chicken Ghee Roast : Tender chicken roasted in ghee served in banana leaf.

Chicken Kadipatta : Kadipatta means curry leaves.Tender chicken roasted in ghee mixed with loads of kadipatta served in banana leaf.

There was 2 types of pongal rice : “Sweet Pongal” & “Kara Pongal”.

Sweet Pongal : Rice mixed with jaggery.

Kara Pongal : Kara means spicy.Rice mixed with spices.

In between these all we were clicking pics of the dishes.I liked the wordings written in all 4 South Indian languages.There was “Kathakali face” placed on the wall too.This was giving a teaditional look of South India as if we were there itself for lunch in any one of the states/district.

Luckily i got to meet d students of Bombay Dyeing for which i judged their cooking competition years ago.Happy to see them all once again.

Finally I did more than 100 tiktok videos , and we ordered sweet paan to eat.Just loved the taste of beetle leaf.It helps to digest food.

Overall nice ambience,food,taste,infrastructure, serving etc.

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