#Mission5: 5 Days | 500 Villages | Serving 5 Million People

#Mission5: 5 Days | 500 Villages | Serving 5 Million People

This Independence Day, the volunteer organization, Robin Hood Army (RHA) has partnered with the
digital content house, Pocket Aces, and hospitality group’s philanthropic arm, K Corp Charitable
Foundation for probably the largest campaign against hunger in the recent past – #Mission5. 40,000
volunteers or “Robins”, across 110 cities will come together to serve rations to five million needy citizens
across villages in India. Each volunteer is doing this in their free time and there will be no monetary
donations involved.
The idea through #Mission5 is to build distribution channels to serve on an ongoing basis the Indian
heartland, ie our villages. Out of the 194 million hungry Indians, more than 75% of the chronically
underfed live in our rural pockets.
The Robin Hood Army, has also taken up a mass online campaign to spread awareness regarding food
waste at weddings. With a staggering 15% of the food wasted from 1 crore weddings a year, this initiative
hopes to drive the message that this could be used to serve meals to 9 lakh Indians every single day.
#Mission5 will be executed in four parts:
● Rations: Each of the 110 RHA city teams will adopt 5 villages each and serve rations to 5 million
people across five days (11th-15th August). The ration will go to under-developed rural pockets,
orphanages, old-age homes, homeless people, and ailing patients. K Corp Charitable Foundation has
come on board as a national ration partner to provide 60,000 kgs of grains across the country.
● Content: RHA and Pocket Aces will be joining hands for an online campaign to spread awareness
about the mass food wastage at weddings. Pocket Aces brands- FilterCopy & Gobble have created a
video which will be displayed to millions across social media to drive the message that food throw away at
weddings can make a significant difference to our country’s hungry.
● Technology: The tech platform created by the RHA team (robinhoodarmy.com/mission5/) & the video
will mobilize thousands of people to pledge surplus food from family weddings to the hungry.
● Media: RHA has partnered at local and national levels with radio stations, billboard companies, media
houses, and digital groups to mobilize local communities and broadcast the message to act against
K Corp Charitable Foundation
“The Robin Hood Army is doing inspirational work in driving change and building community participation
in the field of hunger and malnutrition. As an organisation, we have been investing towards finding ways
to reduce malnutrition and hunger in India over the years, and this Independence Day we are very excited
to be able to partner with the Robin Hood Army and the youth to continue the fight on hunger and
malnutrition together”
“We believe in the work that Robin Hood Army does and like last year, even this year are thrilled to
support them in their Independence Day campaign. We are super excited this year for their ambit

mission of feeding 5 million people across 500 villages in the country. Being the top youth entertainment
channel in the country and clocking around 500 million monthly views combined with our food and lifestyle

channel Gobble, we hope to get as many people on board to help Robin Hood Army in their #Mission5
campaign” says Raunak Ramteke from Pocket Aces.
The biggest act of freedom is serving one’s countrymen – with private citizens, youth, and civil society
coming together with the best interests of our local communities, the hope is to work towards building a
nation where every person’s basic right of three square meals a day becomes a reality.

About Robin Hood Army
The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer team of young professionals and citizens who have taken to the
streets in their free time to fight national hunger – the team collects excess food from restaurants and
distributes it to the less fortunate. In five years, the RHA has served food to 16.2 million people across
140 cities. The organization has a strict no-funds approach, and scales up through social media and

Aarushi Batra
+91 9811609752
Sanchit Jain
+91 9958090543

About K Corp Charitable Foundation
K Corp Charitable Foundation is the philanthropic arm of K Hospitality Corp which is one of India’s leading
hospitality and food service companies. The company operates across 400 locations in India and the
Middle East and their brands include Copper Chimney, Bombay Brasserie, Relay and Global Kitchen

About Pocket Aces
With a mission to solve boredom for the 400+ million Indians online, Pocket Aces is India’s leading digital
entertainment company focused on mobile video. The company operates three socially distributed
content channels: FilterCopy (short videos), Dice Media (long-form videos), and Gobble (food and lifestyle
videos) as well as a direct-to-consumer platform: Loco (live and interactive esports app).
Its socially distributed channels, FilterCopy , Gobble clock ~500 million monthly video views, making it the
most viewed network on the Indian internet.

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