Fishing Out For Fresh Fish!

Fishing Out For Fresh Fish!



Fishing Out For Fresh Fish!


Sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it? Well, Yes! The courtesy to the blog title definitely goes to the melodramatic situation that I was in, last week. Recently, a close family friend of mine shifted to Bangalore from Kerala. It had been a while since I met her. So, when she mentioned that she was sick of being homesick, I decided to pay her a visit. 

The nearly 2-hour flight journey from Mumbai to Bangalore took me down the memory lane; those good ol’ days where most of our time was spent perfecting our grandma’s recipes, trying out new food joints and then praying not to gain any weight. Such lovely memories, it made me smile and by the time I reached her apartment I had a long list of things that we could do! After exchanging pleasantries and catching up on each other’s lives over some piping hot Masala Tea, we decided to spend the evening cooking a lavish dinner – because there’s no homesickness that some good comfort food can’t cure!


Well, the drama unfolded when we realised the key ingredient – Fish was missing and being new to the city, my friend was clueless about where to scout for fresh fish. I suggested we scrape the fish dish out of the menu but the palate wants what it wants! Well, excuse the exaggeration but believe me the emotions were flying high, she was adamant that her grandma’s fish curry recipe is the solution to her homesickness. 


So, as the internet savvy women of this era, search engines were put to use. Thankfully, Google came to our rescue and we went surfing for order Fish Online In Bangalore. It did churn out quite a few options but one particular site – dunzo caught our eye. Dunzo is basically an app that runs errands for you in the quickest possible time. Be it Food, Grocery, Medicine, Pet Supplies, Gifts or just to send Packages the app does it all! Besides Bangalore, this app-based service is currently present in six other cities – Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi and Noida. The striking features of this app are that it has no minimum order, they promise a delivery time of just 60 minutes, there are available round the clock and the brownie point is new users get a limited period of free delivery. We were completely sold on the idea of Dunzo and were so fascinated by our discovery that, for a while, looking for Fish Online In Bangalore had almost slipped out of our head. Finally, getting back to our fish situation, we decided to “Dunzo It” as the app’s tagline goes! And true to its promise, Dunzo didn’t disappoint us! In 60 minutes fresh fish, along with a few other items, were at our doorstep and we put our cooking skills to work.


Later at the dinner table, relishing over our culinary dishes, we mulled over how such innovative technologies/apps have saved us time and made things convenient for us. There’s an app for almost everything these days. It’s so hard to imagine life without them, isn’t it?

As a chef and a food blogger, I always recommend new food joints/restaurants and after fishing out for fresh fish episode, I would definitely like to add the Dunzo app to my recommendation list as well. Whether you want to get your laundry picked up, deliver a gift to your loved ones or look for Fish Online in Bangalore like us, just Dunzo it!

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