Trumpeting all the way @trumpet sky lounge

Trumpeting all the way @trumpet sky lounge



There is a lingering whiff of romance in the air! At such times I would be enticed to go to one of the most amazing open-air lounges in Mumbai. Strategically located at the city’s suburban prime, in the vicinity of Andheri. The Trumpet sky Lounge has staff welcoming you with an inviting grin. Ali Reza Abdi has thoughtfully done up this place, making it one of the most happening spots for youngsters and family goers alike. The lounge as the name suggests has it all. There is a one section devoted to diners, while the other caters to a dance floor, admitting only those beyond 21 years of age. Kids are allowed in the dining area. This makes the restaurant open to one and all. 


The Delights 

Ali has treated me to the most sumptuous meal. I was treated to an array of dishes that have left a lasting impression on my taste buds. I started with my most preferred veg clear soup. The soup was followed by an array of starters that have been some of the hot picks at the restaurant here. These include the chatpata, ‘Baby Corn Amritsari’, all freshly spiced in Indian spices, that awaken the taste buds. The ‘Malai Paneer Tikka’ follows this. The silken cottage cheese was well cooked on the tandoor, and served with a dash of originality that heighten the flavours of the dish. I have always been a huge fan of the Indian rice dish that is layered with vegetables cooked in a certain fashion, ‘Biryani’. The veg biryani. The dish was well layered, and smoked to immaculate perfection. The curd dish ‘Raita’ that accompanied the biryani was simply lip smacking with just a hint of sourness from the goodness of whey. Since I wanted to keep light that day, I dug into the whims of some comfort food like ‘dal khichdi’ (A rice and lentil preparation, lightly tossed in spices). This was warm and seemed to hug my stomach. Since I was feeling better thereafter, I decided to binge on some ‘Rabdi’ (A delicious thickened condensed milk preparation, that involves the richness of dry fruits and saffron), ‘Gulab Jamun’ (an unmatched Indian delicacy, that comprises of balls that are prepared using a specific kind of flour, that is deep fried in clarified butter, and topped of with fragrant sugar syrup.) and last but not the least my all time favourite ‘Brownies and Ice cream’. 


End Note 

I have indeed had a nice time. I also found myself grooving to the music and the ever-invigorating ambiance that was booming with positivity. All in all a fantastic place to dine in!  


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