Muesli @palm jaggery

Muesli is a yummy & nutritious mix of cereals, oats, dry fruits, seeds & cranberries. You can have it with milk, fresh fruits of your choice or can be eaten as a dry snack anytime. It can be sprinkled into your salad to give it that nutty crunchy taste. Pre sweetened with just the right quantity of PALM JAGGERY.

Muesli is a yummy mixture of cereals, oats, dried fruits, seeds and nuts. You can add milk, chocochips & fresh fruits of your choice. It is the most widely known health food and can be eaten anytime. Can also be eaten as a dry snack or used to give your salad that CRUNCHY TASTE


1. Rich in fibre – helps in weight loss, prevents constipation, helps in lowering cholesterol, reduces the risk of heart diseases.
2. Good for diabetics
3. Rich source of carbohydrates and keeps your energy levels high.
4. Controls blood pressure and keeps hypertension under check.
5. Rich source of minerals
like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium
6. Storehouse of vitamin A, C, E and K
7. Full of antioxidants which help in keeping you stress free and prevent ageing.
8. Great source of protein
which helps in muscle building
9. Packed with iron & prevents fatigue and tiredness.
10. Boosts immunity and protect you from common infections
11. Rich in omega-3-fatty acids.

Yummmm ready to eat MUESLI with nourishment galore.
A truly delicious mix of 5 Vitamin loaded Seeds, Cranberries, Almonds, rolled oats sweetened with PALM JAGGERY.
Perfect for your morning WHOLESOME breakfast.
To place orders 📞8169690125.

We are all looking for healthier alternatives.

Palm jaggery is an excellent nutritious, chemical free substitute for white sugar.

Palm jaggery benefits are enviable because of its medicinal properties.

  • Rich Source Of Minerals
  • Restores Healthy Digestion
  • Rich In Nutrients
  • Energy Booster
  • Active Cleanser
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Relieves Many Common Ailments
  • Heals Migraines
  • Helps in Weight Loss

Palm Jagggery can be used in almost any Indian/Western/Thai dish which requires some sweetness.

  • Indian Deserts – All kinds of Ladoos, Rice/Vemicelli/Sabudana Kheer, Sweet Pancakes, Payasam, Shrikhand etc
  • Sweet Lassi, Milkshakes, Tea, Mishti Doi, Jams, Chikki, & many more.
  • Savoury foods – Salad Dressings, Dals, Vegetables, Sauces etc

There is a simple way to soften jaggery. Keep the whole jaggery piece in a microwave safe plate for 15 – 20 sec. Once you take it out, press it with your hand or run knife through it.

Palm Jaggery keeps well when stored in a cool dry place and does not need to be refrigerated. Jaggery does not spoil but is best used within 3 months.


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