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Sugar and jaggery are two common sweeteners used throughout the world. Although both jaggery and sugar are obtained from the same sources, they are much different in their properties and benefits.

Difference in Color

Sugar: Sugar typically has a bright white color.

Jaggery: Jaggery ranges from golden yellow to golden brown, brown, dark brown and like the color of dark chocolate, depending upon the extent to which it was cooked.

Difference in Texture

Sugar: Sugar is solid, hard and crystalline.

Jaggery: Jaggery is semi-solid, softer than sugar, and amorphous.

Difference in Processing

The first stage of the manufacturing of jaggery and sugar is the same. This first step is the boiling of sugar cane juice. It changes from that point however, as explained below.

Sugar: After the initial boiling, in the case of sugar, this syrup is treated with charcoal (preferably bone charcoal) to absorb unwanted particles and to give a clear, transparent solution. This solution, once it condenses and crystallizes, results in the commonly known form of sugar.

Jaggery: In the case of jaggery, there is no treatment with any kind of charcoal, nor there is any kind of crystallization. That is why, in India, particularly among Hindus, jaggery is considered sacred, while white sugar is not. For jaggery, the mother syrup is boiled and boiled continuously until it is formed into a thick paste, which is then poured into molds to make blocks of jaggery of the desired quantity.


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