MAKINO MAGIC OOO LA LA LA – Chef Rakhee Vaswani and Chef. Vijayendra Pawaskar demonstrated some easy super evening snacks

I’ve always been a fan of nachos just like other people and there’s nothing better than having your favourite thing by your side whenever you need it. I tried  @makino nacho chips once when I was craving nachos.

To experience 10 recipes with newly launched @makinoindia Nachos. The three  lipsmacking varients of Nachos make a difference with a gang of Jalapeno, Cream & Onion, Corn Twist, Sweet Chilly, Cheese Cream.YUMMUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT WAS

Chef @rakheevaswani and Chef @chefvijayendrapawaskar together made very simple, quick total 10  recipes with @Makino nachos  Mouthwatering delights and  especially that Makino created  the  magic , it was ahaa and pramadham ..

I have recently developed a craving for Crispy and flavoured  @makino Nachos Crisps which are mostly no MSG, NON-GMO CORN, ZERO TRANS FAT, ZERO CHOLESTEROL  corn CHIPS , MAKINO TWIST,  with melted  cheese made using the Mexican Treatment process, a welcome change from the usual potato or banana chips.

Makino is like the contemporary youth

new, approachable and each entity has a ‘unique taste’. A Makino product, made with an interesting combination of elements is all set to change trends and set new ones. Bringing the new exotic flavors in the market to render the patronage with yummy-tummy filling experience. The striking feature of Makino nachos chips is that it contains 40% Less Fat than regular potato chips.

They tingle my taste buds and I just love to nibble on these for days with a delicious topping of melted gowardhan cheese. Its a great party snack too. I also like to make a healthy salad dish out of it by mixing finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, coriander leaves & finally the crispy nachos with the tikka masala flavor. But this is not the only flavor I stick to, there is the TWO MORE  ranges of nachos as well which includes flavors likecorn twist,corn chips ,nacho chips with three types of salsa – honey butter pizza tomato , salsa jalapeno cheese sweet chilli, cream & onion red chilli chatka salsa .

These are to die for ! This brand of  nachos is run by @makino  foods Ltd. and I must say I love their product a lot because they are availableand catering to the Indian palate. It comes packed in a clean and hygienic pack which I manage to open up easily and the Nachos remain extremely fresh and crisp inside.


These are available in various pouch packs These are a must in my salad dishes or chaats.


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