Celebrity anchor AK Rahman’s heartfelt gesture on Mother’s Day – spends his time at an old age home

Anchor AK Rahman is one of the established and well-known anchors in India today. The versatile anchor has hosted hundreds of shows at several important venues across the globe and is known for his spontaneity and effervescent charm. Rahman is also known to be very vocal about social issues. In the recent past, he made a video in which he talked to women in Mumbai about the poor safety standards in the local trains in the city. 

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, the anchor decided to spend time with those mothers whose children have left them in the lurch and there is nobody around to wish them or spend time with them. The anchor visited an old-age home in Mumbai and spent several hours giving company to all the women who have been abandoned by their children. Putting a smile on their face, talking to them, interacting with them and feeding them was his idea of spending Mother’s Day this year.

Talking about his visit, he says, “I felt overwhelmed by two extreme emotions during the visit to the old-age home. I was extremely happy to meet all those wonderful ladies who were extremely sweet to me and talked to me as if I was their son. At the same time, I was sad because their selfish children have put them in these places where there is nobody to look after them. Their parents took care of them all their lives but they left them alone when they grew up. Shame on such children!”

The actor has visited several old-age homes in the past and he feels more people should make time off their busy schedule and visit such places.

“We have our family, friends and so many other people to look out for us but they don’t have anybody around them. Most of us lead busy lives but it is not difficult to spare a few hours and visit these places. The happiness and peace you will get here is something that you will not get anywhere even for a million ruppees. When I was leaving, around 8-10 mothers came running towards me and hugged me. They made me promise to come back and meet them again soon”, he says on a parting note. 

Video Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BxXnwx1AyFE/

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