The Tea- Party @ Tasse de Thé


When I was invited over by Jiten Sheth’s, ‘Tasse De The’, I was certain of walking into a typical restaurant that comes alive with pastel innings on tea. The staff at the British themed ambiance welcomes you with a warm and inviting grin. The sweet fragrance of infused teas wafts, takes over my senses. I waste no time in posing in front of the pastel walls that makes for a perfect ‘instagrammable’ take!


Breaking notions

I sent for the menu, assuming I am on a ‘Tea-trip’. But to my surprise what lands on my table is an extensive soiree, complete with dinner and snacking options that go well beyond my imagination. It might interest one to learn, that ‘Tasse De The’ makes for a perfect place for any meal during the course of the day. Alongside each item on the menu there is enlisted a specified tea option that could go with the dish. Ordering for the teas simply rests on the onlookers’ shoulders. Jiten Seth adds charm by simply catering to nothing but the best. The rather impressive menu comprises of the most rare concoction of wonderful ingredients that simply delight ones taste buds.  


The options

I wasted no time in digging into some of these delicious dishes. Keeping the season in mind, I tried out the delicious ‘Raw Mango salad’. Wow! This was refreshing indeed! It comprised of a rare blend of Romen leaves, lettuce, raw mango and house dressing.
The ‘Classic Tacos’ is a hot favourite. Since I am personally going on a health trip, I dug into some delicious ‘Zoodles’, Zuccini noodles tossed in herbs and peanuts. The ‘Quinoa Biryani’, is simply delicious and divine. A rich smattering of vegetables imparts flavour alongwith the requisite herbs and spices.
TDT has an interesting array of Tortilla pizzas. All these are topped with a variety of vegetables and herbs. The super crisp pizzas are crisp, and fun to eat.  ‘The Nachni Avacado Toast’ is one of the hottest dishes in the menu. It is delicious and flavourful. TDT specializes with its ‘Avocado Dessert’, house special avocado, with vanilla ice cream! I have been rather fortunate to lay my hands this speciality.

The ‘Match Mint Cheezecake’ is simply outstanding. The flavours evidently blend well, causing ones palette to stir. The taste leaves a lasting impression on ones mind.


The vastness

TDT caters to an extensive 15-page food menu, and each food variant will surprise one! The flavours have been worked upon to cater to taste buds of the ever-growing clientele. The menu often revised from time to time, to include more accepted favours.

The beverage menu is exciting indeed. It comes alive with rich tea blends that have been personally procured by Jiten Seth himself, from around the world. Do not miss out on trying the delicious fruit and floral tea infusions. Everything was taken into consideration while planning the very conception of TDT.


End Note

Jiten Seth, has a very clear idea of the incorporated theme, and has devised everything from the décor, to the menu, and even the cutlery to suit a certain style. The idea was to revolutionize the concept of a typical tea party in the Mumbai circles, making it an all-day and yet an elaborate affair. All in all a must go, for all ‘Tea lovers’ and also for those who are open to trying new ingredients and great food blends!


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