Sending Birthday Cake is Just a Click Away!

Ordering cake online and sending birthday gifts online is a boon for all the busy people. Everyone these days are either busy or living away from home. And most of the time they skip important events in their life.

But gone are the days, when you can’t manage to celebrate some special occasions of your life. Now the time has changed, and our new generation knows, how to create a balance between relationships and work. Hence, you can order a birthday cake online and can send a cake to any corner of India in just one click.


Cake the distance: order anywhere in India

Long distance relationships have their own spark and significance. Long Distance relationship with your family or beloved can be a great responsibility. You have to make them realize that distance does not matter because you are always with them. So, this is the time to show them how much you care. Order a birthday cake to anywhere in India. You can send a cake for a birthday or birthday flowers to Bangalore or wherever you want. Our delivery services are available across India. So get rid of your long distance problem, and send them happiness now in just one click!

Cake the time: order whenever you want.

Online dessert stores have made satisfaction of your sugar craving so easy. Be it ‘midnight chocolate craving’ or ‘anytime sugar cupcake’, we are here to satisfy your any craving. You can order 365 days of the year and we are always there to provide you the quality service of taste and packaging.

We not only focus on the quality delivery but will ensure the on-time delivery. You can count on us, whenever you want. We deliver a cake at midnight or in the early morning. So don’t kill your sugar craving visit flowerncake to explore exhaustive cake options.

Cake the Choices: Order from exhaustive options


Online stores are versatile in nature. They can plan a whole surprise for you. Will help you in choosing a special birthday cake, to Packing the happiness and flowers with cake, to delivering everything on time to, make your plan successful.

Yes, you have ample options to choose a perfect cake for her birthday and don’t forget to add the brightness of the flowers because only flowers can make it. Send birthday cake and flowers anywhere to





India. Order birthday cakes online from Delhi or Bangalore or to anywhere in India. We can deliver anywhere to make your day more special. So ordering cakes, flowers, and gifts is a matter of one click. You can send happiness from online stores in just one click.


So are you ready to diminished all the distance and planning to surprise your partner then visit the most popular online store in India And order a cake with nice fresh flowers to wish them a happy birthday. Add a note on a cake that “You are special” or “distance can’t apart us”. Visit FlowrenCake and order cake and flowers in just one click.


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