Curd smoothies’ recipes for summers – Apple Coconut Lassi

The summers have set in and blended drinks are the most favorite in this weather and not to
forget, with all the added nutrients and goodness’s to beat the heat.
Curd – a dietary staple in many parts of the globe, is a basic and the most natural form of
curdled milk. Apart from making you lick your own lips, it has a host of health benefits that
we cannot overlook. It is loaded with friendly bacteria, good for our digestive health. It has
the abilities to neutralize toxic substances and help fight diarrhea, promoted colon health and
also reduces the chances of colon cancer. It is rich in calcium and phosphorous that helps
maintain good bone health, helps in weight reduction, has no or almost zero calories and
helps in the body’s metabolic process and is a rich source of proteins, riboflavin and vitamin

Lassi, the Indian smoothie is a sumptuous mix of curd, water, fruits or vegetables that can be
eaten raw. Potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C – it’s all there in it.
Fresh coconut water : 1 Cup
Coconut milk (you can use canned) : Half cup
Plain curd or yogurt : Half cup
Apple (small cubes and frozen) : 2 Cups
Coconut flakes (unsweetened) : 2 tsp
Organic honey : 2 tsp
Cinnamon powder : 1/4 tsp

Cardamom powder : 1/8 tsp
Nutmeg powder : 1/8 tsp
Salt : A pinch
Grated and toasted coconut : For garnish
– Combine all ingredients together (except for toasted coconut) in a blender and blend
well until smooth.
– Garnish with toasted coconut.
– Drink up.


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