“Jo bhi ho khaana, Vinodmein hi pakana”Vinod Cookware.( First brand to launch Pressure Cooker in India)


Vinod Cookware established in 1986,manifested the launch of „Sandwich bottom‟ in the history of Indian kitchens. Today, after a decade experience and repertoire of over 400 products spread across multiplecategories,Vinod Cookware is one of the most preferred name in Indian as well as global markets. With the complete understanding of the Indian kitchens and using premium quality stainless steel, Vinod Cookware builds an instant connect with homemakers of all ages. The company‟s insistence on research and development gets for its products the edge of convenience and durability.


Product range


Vinod Cookware one of the most accepted and well-loved cookware name offers an extensive portfolio;Vinod‟s range has expanded to also include state-of-the-art cooking technologies such as non-stick cookware, hard anodised cookware and more.


The first to introduce the concept of sandwich bottoms in pressure


cookers, Vinod Cookware has consistently innovated and refined


its product range to offer the best solutions to the Indian Kitchens.


Additional to the regular product range Vinod Cookware also extends


to the Health range with the very popular “VitoHealth” designed for


the health conscious needs of Indian consumers.


Market Share:


Expansion into new segments and geographies has helped drive revenues and increase market share of Vinod Cookware.


Vinod cookware has the largest share of retail markets across major cities in India and has been targeting the regional market segment with competitive products in line. The Strength lies in deep understanding of diverse Indian cooking habits, intrinsic value of being user friendly and its devotion towards revolutionizing kitchens with quality and innovative products.


About 50 percent of the company‟s turnover comes from the NorthernRegion which has made a strong foothold in Vinods Growth and business. Currently, the presence is concentrated in the northern and western regions (70 per cent of revenue), but the brand looks to have a good presence in the east and south as well.


A market leader in its core business, Vinod Cookware has seen no slow down and is well placed to overcome the Industry pressure making it the only company showing a steady growth as compared to a de-growth for the Industry.


Notably, Vinod Cookware is a debt-free company, with strong reserves, which enables it to expand organically and inorganically.


With the biggest manufacturing unit in Palghar Spread over 4 acres, Mumbai (the own Manufacturing unit) Vinod Cookware, 150Crore brand aims to double its growth by FY 2017-2018. It strategies to penetrate deep into Tier III and IV cities in the domestic market by setting up its stores.


The trust earned from the customers has also got the company many awards, one of the prized titles being the „Best Expo House‟ in the year 2005.Already a formidable name within scores of kitchens in India, Vinod‟s growth story is still on its way to becoming bigger.




How to prevent employee burnout at WORK

We live in a day and age where employee burnout has become the most common complaint of the corporate world. Be it constant absenteeism amongst your employees or being unproductive at the workplace, employee burnout is an employer’s worst nightmare. Before we dwell on the situation further, let’s understand the quick fix.

It’s often easier to mitigate a burnout right before it starts than to work on recovering after a severe episode. One good way to go about the same is to allow an employee work-life balance, that would give them sufficient time to replenish their work skills. Rewarding them for their work done well is another way to keep the team happy and going.

Nothing causes burnout quicker than watching someone else receive preferential treatment or get credit for the wrong reasons. Even worse is unfairness that seems arbitrary. Pay inequality, random promotions, capricious recognition—all of these things can create animosity or a sense of despair in an employee. They’re made worse by the fact that, in most cases, the employee must bottle up their feelings of injustice.

It’s also important to clear out the objectives preventing the team from overworking or under working. Without a clear set of objectives employees are effectively flying blind, lacking purpose and direction.

Keeping open line of communication and feedback is essential to keep employees on track. This helps them know the goals they need to achieve and areas they need to work upon. Providing feedback in bite size chunks will ensure that workers don’t lose their purpose and can accurately track their own progress, leading to greater employee satisfaction.

It’s also essential to provide adequate employee support. Employee stress can escalate if appropriate levels of support aren’t available., resulting in lower efficiency and a higher risk of burnout.

Lastly, employees who enjoy coming to work will burn out far less frequently than those who loathe their job. Why not build a positive work environment for your employees? Stocking the fridge with goodies, having lunch-hour parties, or giving half-days off before a holiday can all boost morale. Managing and reacting to burnout isn’t just essential for retaining current work force but it’s also important for bolstering the organisations reputation and attracting future talent.


Attributed by Mr. Sunil Agrawal, Director, Vinod Cookware.

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