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Early Life

Geeta Sridhar was born and brought up in Chennai. She moved to the bustling financial capital of Mumbai on her marriage. As soon as she came to the city there was a huge responsibility that fell on her shoulders. She was to tend to the needs of her ailing father, who suffered from cancer. Her heart went out to him, and she moved him to Mumbai. “There were times when he was in so much pain, and I was feeling rather helpless of the apathy he was facing.”, adds Geeta. After her father passed away she found herself visiting the Tata Research and Institute of Cancer, where she would provide food for cancer patients who underwent the chemotherapy.


The Title

“Sad but true, most patients who visit the institute have been deprived of good nutritious food, which is why I thought of delivering food to them. Initially I have paid out of my own pocket, but gradually as people learnt of my services they gladly sponsored an ingrediat from time to time. Some were happy to sponsor the whole meal for the day. The gift that Geeta best received was the blessings of all those who received respite through food. “People gradually started knowing me as Geeta Ma’, a title that is very close to my heart. “


The Journey Onwards

While working with the cancer patients, Geeta learnt of autistic children. She took it in her stride to do something for them. Geeta currently teaches in a school that is designed for students with special needs, and those suffering from autism. She alongwith her daughters take on a number of charitable projects from time to time. Philanthropy is can prove to be very demanding indeed. One does have to invest in both time and money to keep people around them happy. Inspite of the difficulties Geeta doesn’t hope to give in soon. She hopes to spread the rippling effect of the goodness into other people and hopes that in some way or the other they could become ‘Good Samaritans’ too.


The Blog

“I have always enjoyed cooking. My passion to cook has propelled me to participate in the Indian MasterChef! I have been the chosen runner-up on the show! My recipes proved to become an instant hit among food lovers, which encouraged me to start with my own blog, ‘Indian Food Express’. “I attribute the credit to the advent of Indian Food Express to my daughters.” Today GeetaMa runs her own show on the YouTube channel. “Here I make cooking easier for the youth who stay away from home. I come up with simple south Indian recipes and the spoken language on the show is Tamil.”, adds Geeta Ma.


The Future

Geeta Ma has always fostered a positive approach towards life. In the future she hopes to see ‘Indian Food Express’ grow! I hope to make it a bigger entity in a way that it can help support my charitable causes as well.

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