When opportunity strikes at your doorstep and makes you realise... @Angel Xpress Foundation

When opportunity strikes at your doorstep and makes you realise… @Angel Xpress Foundation

Ann Fernandez is feeling thankful  with   @Anubha Sharma https://www.facebook.com/anubha.sharma.376?__tn__=%2CdlC-R-R&eid=ARDscva6bEzK_pE3P20MA2pwMhpLGc7HeSDrMiJ1_byNeUDK_rzRzC3Fgfo5WcjzfurUt6D7NVVBt6wm&hc_ref=ARQ1h8QOt1rMEcP7H9iMfRcp2tcBGAPfCgdqJKbLx-hkJcidJPsF5cighccUqXUA6ic


When opportunity strikes at your doorstep and makes you realise….. ‘hey here’s my chance to give back to society’…..you have finally achieved that incredible feeling that only radiates like a halo around you.

This is exactly what happened to me when Tanmai Hebbar asked me to join the AXF group. Had been wanting to do this ever since I kept seeing her AXF sewri posts but didn’t get myself going about it. When I read that she & our very own Punita Singh spearheads the centre & I have huge huge regard for her since she taught both my girls, I jumped at the opportunity!!

It’s been 4 wonderful months and the joy I get when I see these kids is immense. I look forward to meeting and interacting with these kids and it’s not just about teaching but there’s so much I learn from these kids. Their passion, their joy, their eagerness to be with us, their willingness to learn and so much more. At first these little hearts were soft spoken & quite apprehensive of what’s in store for them. They kept thinking of it as another Tution class. 4 months later my budding stars don’t want to go to another class and look forward to staying with me much longer.

The sharing I receive from them is another thrill be it a flower or a card or that smile that is so infectious. We wait to share their experiences whether it a sports medal, a certificate or just a kind message given by their school teacher. Narrating & sharing their experiences everyday good or bad has become the daily norm of our class.

Their dreams of whether to be a public speaker or a railway minister, a doctor or a soldier is something I take back everyday and pray that I am able in some way to help them achieve their dreams. I can only go on & on about about the exhilarating time I experience when surrounded by these little but ever grateful hearts. They just need that little help & backing from us which will surely help them achieve all their dreams their hearts & minds have in store.

PS. The highlight I experience whenever I meet friends these days is they ask me what’s the change they see in me, I proudly share with them that I owe it all to the Gratitude (Vitamin G) Love (Vitamin L) coupled with plenty of (Vitamin D) that has made the visible difference.

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