Tuskers – Sofitel mumbai @bkc Tuskers “Gujaratamam Apanum Svagat Che” Discover the culinary delights of Gujarat from 01st Feb-10th Feb

Tuskers 2nd Floor,Hotel Sofitel, BKC,Beside City Bank, Diamond Market,Bandra East, Mumbai-400051 022-6117 5115/5116 Tuskers means an elephant or wild boar with well developed tusks. Friends today i am not at in a jungle but i am in a 5 star Gujarati cuisine veg family restaurant.

at pure vegetarian fine dining restaurant with “Shakhahari”/”Veg” dishes especially curated/designed by Chef Mukesh Baghel & Chef Diwakar Joshi from Novotel,Amdavad together with Maharaj Jankidas Vaishnav. They have variety of aromatic flavours of Gujarati cuisine such as : Paatra – Made with besan,ginger garlic paste,turmeric powder,chilli powder,asafoetida,grated jaggery,tamarind pulp,oil,salt,colocasia leaves,mustard seeds,sesame seeds,grated coconut,chopped coriander. Sev Khamani – Made with chana dal,sev,oil,mustard seeds,ginger-chilli paste,lemon juice,coriander seeds,salt,pomegranate,coriander leaves,water. Sev Tameta Nu Shaak – Its a spicy,tangy & sweet tomato curry topped with sev(crisp fried gram flavour vermicelli) with no onion & no garlic. Dal Dhokli – Made with toovar dal,peanuts,wheat flour,ajwain,chickpea flour,turmeric powder,red chilli powder,coriander powder,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,asafoetida,dry red chilli,curry leaves,lemon juice,sugar,oil,water,salt,coriander leaves. Mohan Thaal – Made with gram flour,ghee,milk,sugar,nutmeg powder,green cardamom powder,almonds,pistachios. Haandova/Handvo – Made with toovar dal,urad dal,green moong dal,chana dal,rice,wheat,sour curd,grated bottle gourd,oil,lemon juice,soda bi-carb,sugar,chilli powder,turmeric powder,sesame seeds,ajwain,asafoetida. I started with appetizers like “Nylon Dhokla” & “Cutlet”. Nylon Dhokla – Popular snack from Gujarat made with fermented chickpea batter. Cutlet – Deep fried potato tikki stuffed with mix vegetables & Indian spices. Coming to main course i had “Lasania Bataka” & “Fansi Makai Vatana Nu Shak”. Lasania Bataka – Cubes of potato cooked along with garlic,onion & tomatoes. Its a famous delicacy from Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Fansi Makai Vatana Nu Shak – Fansi means french beans,Makai means corn,Vatana means green peas. French beans,green peas & american corn cooked with Indian spices. In “Dal” section they had “Khatti Meethi Dal” means “Sweet Sour Dal”. Khatti Meethi Dal – Made with shallow lentil tempered with cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds,curry leaves finished with tamarind pulp for sour taste. In “Rice” they had “Bhaat”. Bhaat – Simply means steamed basmati rice. In desserts there were 2 dishes : “Kulfi” & “Halwa”. Kulfi : 3 varieties of kulfi u can try i.e : Malai,Paan,Kesar. Malai made out of milk solids. Paan means beetle leaf. Kesar means saffron. Dudhi Halwa : Made with bottle gourd cooked in milk & dry fruits along with cardamom flavour. Overall food was nice,ambience was good,flavours & dishes were awesome.

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