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Memory recall is a term I had learned of in college. Interesting, how a certain image or colour reminds you of something specific. Similarly, when I see the colour yellow, the ‘spice box’ is the very first thing that comes to my mind; a virtue every Indian woman takes with her from her very inception. The flaming yellow spice comes with unending health benefits. Over a period of time these benefits were forgotten as we were smitten by the charms of western ingredients and cooking! But Tapan Vaidya of ‘Talli Turmeric’ has taken the initiative to revive the charms of these benefits, introducing us, once again to legendry flavours of India; complete with the explosion of colour (organic) and flavour!


The Indian ‘pallet’ tour

‘Talli Turmeric’ involves turmeric as a mainstay in all its dishes (some of the cocktails also involve a hint of this organic yellowing goodness). The menu is well curated, and walks one to every nook and cranny of the Indian sub-continent (this includes the ‘much overlooked’ North east frontiers.). The spices are artfully paired to represent the vast diverse gastronomic legacy that prevails all across the Indian-Subcontinent. Compliments included, piping hot ‘Rasam’ (A South Indian Soup involving a liberal dash of tomatoes). This was so delicious that I shamelessly downed three glasses of the same.   


Dish it out!

For starters I took to the delicious ‘Gunpowder potatoes’ and the ‘Benarasi Pakoda Chaat’. The perfect north-south marriage did me good. Chef seemed to have tapped into my love for South Indian cuisine, and prepped the delicious ‘Vazhaipoo vadai’. The ‘Sarsowali broccoli’, simply transported me to the mustard fields of Punjab. I certainly take pride in the way I prepare my ‘Bisebille Bhat’ (A south Indian rice and lentil preparation involving a medley of spices), but Chef Arasau simply outdid mine! I couldn’t stop digging for more!  I sipped on some ‘Kokum spritz’ (home made kokum syrup, roasted cumin powder, black salt, lemon juice, salt and topped up with soda) and just another house compliment, ‘Iced Turmeric latte’ (As the name suggests this is turmeric milk whipped well with a dash of cinnamon, sweetened with maple syrup, and served chilled!).

I felt like a child when I found myself digging spoonful’s out of the pickle cups and savouring the complex flavours that certainly tickled my taste buds. Some of these unique pickles included ‘Amba Haldar’ (A mixture of dehydrated mango with fresh turmeric) ‘Lauki ka Murabba’ (A bottle gourd pickle), Chilli Mustard Pickel, ‘Chatpatti Mooli’ (sweet and sour radish) and many more! The ‘Appam with Sambhar and Chutney’ took me back to my hometown. I absolutely cherished the ‘Ghee roast onion dosa’ (A crepe like rice preparation topped off with caramelized onions).


Sweet something ‘s’

I usually end my meal on ‘A’ sweet note, but this time I took to ‘SWEET NOTES’, because I simply couldn’t contain myself! I started with the crispy golden swirling ‘jelabis, coupled with rabdi’ (A famous Indian sweet meat deep fried and topped off with saffron and dry fruits and a condensed milk preparation). I couldn’t stop at the ‘Eleneer Payasam’ (A vermicelli preparation) and went onward to try the delicious ‘Kavuni Arisi Halwa’. I took to the goodness of figs with the famed ‘Anjeer Halwa’. I finally stopped at just another house compliment that served ‘Meetha Paan’.


End Note

The décor has a rustic charm to it, and the yellowing hue from the mood light absolutely calms you down from the mindless city buzz! The people serving me were warm and quick on a heel! I simply had a wonderful time at ‘Talli Turmeric’.

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