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Rasamalai, as the people of Bengal call it Rossomalai is one of the most renowned specialities of the diverse Indian food culture. Today, we are going to master this popular dessert of Bengal, and at the end of this article, as you cook with me, you will find yourselves enticed with the taste of this heavenly sweet.


  • Recipe description


Rasamalai recipe with step by step instructions. The secret of the recipe lies in its name itself- Rasamalai = Rash+Malai (Juice + Cream). It is prepared with the Cottage cheese balls (Flattened Paneer), which are soaked in Saffron milk thickened with Cream.

We will divide the whole process of the best Rasamalai recipe into three major steps:

  1. Preparing the cottage cheese balls (Flattened Paneer)
  2. Preparing the thickened saffron milk (Kesar milk)
  3. Soaking and Serving with special instructions

It’s truly delightful to have Rasamalai as a dessert after food or anytime you wish to sweeten up the things in your life. We will prepare 8 servings, which will take around 4 hours including the time for preparations, cooking, and the soaking part.   


  • Serving suggestion


The secret of Rasamalai lies in the way it is served. The serving style is what that differentiates it from the eminent delicacy of Rashagulla.

Right after preparing the cheese balls and thickened Saffron milk, we will do the soaking part, which we can also flavour with Cardamom.

To add some more aroma to the taste and presentation, we will also top the final serving with dry fruits like Pista (Pistachio), Kaju (Cashew nut) and Badaam (Almonds).


  • Recipe ingredients


Ingredients for cheese balls (Paneer)

  • 1-litre fresh milk (full cream)

  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice

  • 1cup water

Ingredients for sugar syrup

  • 1 ½ cup sugar

  • 8 cups water


Ingredients for thickened saffron milk syrup

  • 1-litre fresh milk (full cream cow/buffalo/fresh dairy milk)

  • ¼ cup sugar

  • ½ teaspoon cardamom powder

  • Saffron as you like

  • 10 chopped pistachios

  • 10 chopped almonds

  • 10 chopped cashews nuts

Ingredients for topping (Can skip it on preference)

  • 5 chopped pistachios

  • 5 chopped almonds

  • 5 chopped cashews nuts


  • Recipe instructions



Instructions for flattened Cheese balls:

  1. Boil the milk. I recommend fresh dairy milk.
  2. As it starts boiling, add lemon juice and stir slowly.
  3. Keep adding lemon juice little by little and stir it until the milk starts coagulating.
  4. Ditch the excess water and get the coagulated milk out.
  5. Let it cool down for 10-20 minutes. Here is your paneer ready.
  6. Knead the paneer nicely for 5 minutes.
  7. Make small balls of the paneer
  8. Flatten and keep them separately.

Instructions for Sugar syrup:

  1. Mix sugar and water in a container.
  2. Boil the mix for 15 minutes/ until syrup start thickening.
  3. Bore flattened cheese balls in the syrup.
  4. Cover and let it boil for 15 minutes.
  5. Keep it for cooling for 20 minutes.
  6. Squeeze off the syrup from the cheese balls.
  7. Keep them aside.

Instructions for thickened Saffron milk

  1. Heat the fresh dairy milk to the boiling point.
  2. Once you notice a coating of cream forming on the milk, stick the layer to sides of the vessel.
  3. Repeat the process until milk shrinks to 1/3.
  4. Wipe off the collected cream from the sides of the vessel.
  5. Add sugar, saffron, and cardamom powder.
  6. Mix the combination nicely and boil it for 10 minutes.
  7. Add chopped dry fruits.
  8. Stir thoroughly, and let milk refrigerate (don’t freeze it) for 2 hours.

Instructions for soaking:

  1. Put the prepared cheese balls in a container with enough space to hold the milk.
  2. Pour the refrigerated thickened milk over the cheese balls.
  3. Let it soak for minimum 1 hour. Maximum no limits, just keep it there.

Instructions for Serving

  1. Lastly, take out the soaked cheese balls with the same thickened milk in a bowl with a spoon.
  2. Garnish the dessert with chopped nuts and serve it.



  • Notes


  • You can directly get the Rashagulla and squeeze out the syrup to make cheese balls.
  • If Saffron is costly, you can still enjoy a rich taste and aroma with cardamom powder.
  • You can still enjoy a gratifying taste without dry fruits garnishing.
  • Try to get cow milk. If not get fresh dairy milk with full cream only.


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