3rd Floor,VN Square Turner,
Linking Road,Bandra West,Mumbai

“JLWA” means “Style” & i am at a restaurant situated in South end Mumbai area i.e Bandra.It has various styles of cuisines whether its Indian,European,Afghani,Pakistani dishes to name a few.Basically its a casual dining restaurant which has varieties in it.

JLWA has various types of classic cocktails,beer,whiskey,vodka,gin,tequila,rum,wines,non alcoholic drinks,shakes,soft beverages etc.

I started with JLWA cocktail innovations such as Melon Ball & Hello Darling…These were alcoholic drinks.

MELON BALL : This cocktail is made with vodka,midori,fresh watermelon,basil leaves,coriander leaves,passion fruit syrup,sweet sour mix flamed with cinnamon stick.

HELLO DARLING : This cocktail is made with fresh grapes muddled with mint,shaken with rum,elderflower & lime with splash of champagne.

I also decided the non alcoholic drinks such as Mango Mule & Orange Punch.

MANGO MULE : This drink is made of fresh cucumber juice,mango puree,fresh lime juice,topped with ginger ale.

ORANGE PUNCH : This drink is made of fresh orange,kaffir lime,vanilla syrup,sweet & sour mix topped with orange soda.Kaffir Lime is a citrus tree of SE Asia with green fruit and aromatic leaves that are used in Thai and Indonesian cooking.

There are various types of soup plates such as Leek & Cauliflower Veloute,Wild Shroom Cream,Moroccan Cheese & Lentil Broth,Sea Food Hot Pot.

As mushroom is good for health so i decided to have the Wild Shroom Cream Soup.

WILD SHROOM CREAM : It is made using creamy shiitake mushroom,crispy button mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil mixed with grilled paprika croutons.
Shiitake Mushroom is an edible mushroom which grows on fallen timber, cultivated in Japan and China.
Truffle oil is a modern culinary ingredient used to impart the flavor and aroma of truffles to a dish. The ingredient is commonly used as a finishing oil in a variety of dishes, including truffle fries, pasta dishes, pizzas, and puréed foods such as mashed potatoes and deviled eggs.
Croutons is a small piece of fried or toasted bread served with soup or used as a garnish.
Paprika is a powdered spice with a deep orange-red colour and a mildly pungent flavour, made from the dried and ground fruits of certain varieties of pepper,a deep orange-red colour.

In vegetarian starters there have various types such as Tandoori Makhane Popcorn,Sundried Tomato Flatbread,Crispy Vegetables,Achari Daal Parfait,Addictive Nachos,Chilli Cheese Sliders,Cheeseling Batata Bravas,Petite Falafel Pockets,Dahi Cheese Ki Tikki,Hummus,Chilli Button Mushroom Spring Rolls,Baked Mushroom Tarts,Mushroom & Truffle Croquettes,Mushroom Galouti-Vol-Au-Vent,Hadippa Paneer Tikka,Truffle Malai Tikka Broccoli/Paneer,Tandoor Soya Chaap,Malabari Tacos,Rawalpindi Chana Quesadilla.

Looking at these dishes i decided to go to “PAKISTAN” and taste their dish at Rawalpindi.Friends i didn’t actually went there but this dish indirectly sent me there & its name is Rawalpindi Chana Quesadilla.
Quesadilla is a tortilla or kind of chapati filled with cheese and heated.

RAWALPINDI CHANA QUESADILLA : Its made with crispy pin wheel quesadilla,spiced with pinde chane,sirka onion,lime yogurt mixed with mustard green chilli pickle.

Pinwheel Quesadilla is a full quesadilla is made with two tortillas that hold a layer of cheese between them. A half is a single tortilla that has been filled with cheese and folded into a half-moon shape.
Chane means chickpeas or vatana.
Sirka means vinegar.Sirka onion means onion dipped in vinegar solution.
Yogurt means curd.Lime yogurt is a mixture of lime & curd to give sour taste.

Pizza ho restaurant mein aur main pizza na khau aisa kabhi hua hain?.I decided to try the pizza also.This restaurant serves both Veg & Non-Veg pizzas such as Jlwa Margherita,Roasted Mushroom Pizza,1/2 Dozen Pin Wheel Pizza,Peri Peri Roasted Chicken,Napoli Fermented Classic Pepperoni,Basil Crusted Prawn Thin Pizza.

I decided to try the 1/2 Dozen Pin Wheel Pizza…OMG!!! Half Dozen what it can be & how is it made.Let me eat & taste it.

1/2 DOZEN PIN WHEEL PIZZA : It is made with flaky malabar style mini pizzas,dusted with curry leaves & dried red chilli flakes.
Malabar is a region in the western part of the Peninsula of India,between the mountains and the sea.

Friends frankly speaking this pizza tastes good & tasty coz u will get the taste of curry leaves & red chilli together.All must try this pizza i recommend it.

In vegetarian main course they have Usual Dal Makhani,Oriental Vegetables,Roasted Vegetables Ratatouille,Paneer Lababdar,Malai Methi Pot,Spanish Corn Crepes,Mushroom Stroganoff,Bhuna Vegetable Biryani.

I decided to try the Roasted Vegetables Ratatouille.
Ratatouille is a vegetable dish consisting of onions,courgettes,tomatoes,aubergines and peppers, fried and stewed in oil and sometimes served cold.
Courgettes is the immature fruit of a vegetable marrow, in particular one of a variety developed for harvesting and eating at an early stage of growth.
Aubergines is the purple egg-shaped fruit of a tropical Old World plant, which is eaten as a vegetable.The large plant of the nightshade family which bears aubergines.

ROASTED VEGETABLES RATATOUILLE : It is made with slow cooked vegetables with grounded cheese steak,confit tomato salsa & crispy arugula.
Arugula is the rocket plant used in cooking.

How can anyone leave the restaurant without tasting its various desserts?.This restaurant serves 3 types of dessert plates such as Lemon French Toast,Classic Brownie & Try The Creme Brulee.

LEMON FRENCH TOAST : Its a french toast mixed with lychee & saffron milk pudding.
Lychee is a small rounded fruit with sweet white scented flesh,a large central stone, and a thin rough skin.The Chinese tree that bears lychees.

CLASSIC BROWNIE : It is made using hazelnut mousse,chocolate crumbe,salted caramel cream & candied marshmellows.
Hazelnut means a round brown hard-shelled nut that is the edible fruit of the hazel.
Sweet Mousses are typically made with whipped egg whites,whipped cream,or bothand flavored with one or more of chocolate,coffee,caramel,puréed fruits,or various herbs and spices,such as mint or vanilla.
Milk chocolate crumb is a vacuum dried,crystallized mixture made from milk,sugar and cocoa liquor.Both crumb products are used in large quantities as an ingredient for milk chocolate.
Marshmallows are sugary gas bags.Marshmallows are mainly sugar,but air actually makes up more than half their volume.They’re made by beating together gelatin or another gel-forming ingredient with a hot sugary syrup.

TRY THE CREME BRULEE : This dessert is made out of seasonal fruits,pink guava compote & brown sugar crystals.
Compote is a fruit preserved or cooked in syrup.A bowl-shaped dessert dish with a stem.

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