Today i’m at ‘Khana Khazana” restaurant situated at South Mumbai.

Welcome to Sanjeev Kapoor’s “Khana Khazana”.I mean restaurant & not television series.

Yes friends

Khana Khazana (KK) Khana khazana Mumbai
275,Premi Bhavan,
Opera House, RR Roy Marg,
Near Centre Plaza Theatre,
Girgaon,Charni Road,
Mumbai-400 004

Khazana is Hindi word means “Variety” & dis restaurant serves varieties of cuisines from North India,South India,Chinese & Gujarati too.

Basically its a casual dining restaurant.

So come let’s taste d dishes.As a starter i had “Veg Clear Soup” & “Paneer Tikka”,’Veg Manchurian”.

Veg Clear Soup : Healthy soup made using varieties of vegetables mixed with herbs.

Paneer Tikka : Paneer tikka is an Indian dish made from pieces/chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor.Its an alternative to ‘Chicken Tikka”.

Veg Manchurian : Its a Chinese dish made out of cabbage,shredded carrot,capsicum,onion/spring onion,ginger garlic paste mixed in cornstarch or corn flour(for gravy tecmaida,salt,black pepper,soya sauce,oil,vinegar,red chilli sauce,green chilli sauce.

In d main course i had “Pineapple Raita”,”Khana Khazana Special Pulav”.

Pineapple Raita : Its a type of fruit salad mixed with curd.

Khana Khazana Special Pulav : Veg Pulav made out of basmati rice & varieties of vegetables mixed with few spices such as cloves,cardamom,cinnamon,black pepper,cashew nuts,almonds & pistachios.

Let’s try some Gujarati speciality.

Khichia : Its called “Khichu” in Gujarati.Speciality of Gujarat.Its a salty dish made with rice flour,water,cumin seeds,sesame seeds,green chilly,baking soda,salt,peanut oil mixed with fresh coriander leaves.

Matka Rabdi : Rabdi is a thickened sweetened milk having layers of malai or cream mixed with flavours of cardamom,saffron.Dry fruits like almonds & pistachios.Prepared in kadai/copper utensil or matka.

In desserts i tried “Chocolate Mousse”.

Chocolate Mousse : Mousse means “Foam” in French.Its made using water,sugar,dark chocolate,dark rum,brandy,heavy cream & instant coffee powder.

How can anyone leave the restaurant without trying the South Indian cuisine.I ate “Cheese Dosa,” & “Cheese Rava Dosa”.

Cheese Dosa : Indian lentil crepes & rice batter topped with loads of cheese mixed with onion,capsicum,carrots,tomato sauce & chilly sauce or chutney.

Cheese Rava Sada Dosa : Its made with semolina or rava,indian lentil crepes & rice batter topped with loads of cheese mixed with onion,capsicum,carrots,tomato & chilly sauce or chutney.

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