I could literally feel the beat of Punjab reverberating though me from the very time I entered the ‘Taste of Punjab’ (Bandra outlet). The premises were themed around the colourful ‘Lohri festival. The energy surged a couple notches up, and there was song and dance that filled the air. I felt, like I had taken a trip to Punjab just on the brink of the harvest festival of ‘Lohri’. Song and dance filled the air, and I could experience the warmth in the people who served me. I was encouraged to shed my inhibitions and dance to eternity. I felt just like one of them. The rituals also involved the application of henna on my hands. I simply love this ritual, and was happy to fill my pals with the fragrant aroma of the henna leaves.  


I was super happy to try a full Punjabi fare right from the traditional vegetable filled stuffed ‘paratha’, to the kiln prepared ‘naan’, ‘kulcha’ and more. There was an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters that did the rounds. I dug into the fritters, and the delicious cottage cheese delights. The ‘paneer’ was so soft it literally melted in my mouth. I was simply mesmerized by the texture. The tall glasses of cooling buttermilk were refreshing. It did wonders after I consumed that deliciously heavy meal. The array in the buffet was extensive and comprised of a fan-fare in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections.

I was amazed to move on to 3 delicious and ‘mazedar’ vegetables, traditionally prepared in Punjabi style. The curries accompanying the meals were outstanding. There had the perfect bled of spices, and tickled my taste buds. The meal didn’t end with the assortment of breads and two rice variations. The in-betweens comprised of delicious and ‘chatpata’ chats. The sweet and spicy savoury notes left a lasting imprint on my mind. The ‘Punjabi Dosa’ was outstanding; it spelled of the perfect Indian fusion where north and south came together.


The ‘Hot Masala Milk’ is an absolute treat during the winter months. Not that the chills frequent the Mumbai shores but they do on some days. I literally forgot about my diet as I took to the piping hot Jalebis, and delicious ‘Rabdi’. All in all @Mr.Sachin and his team did wonderfully well, and took great care of me. I had a wonderful time indeed.

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