We all know how much we love a good, tasty, delicious food. Too often we let go of our favourite foods because they need a lot of oil and we have to make the excruciating choice between health & taste. Why can’t one have both? It just needs us to understand how oil and food work together and when oil stops being wholesome in our food. Surprisingly, oil doesn’t affect just your heart but also plays an important part in nourishing your body.

A wholesome oil would retain most of its natural nutrients and this is possible when it is refined physically and not chemically. Chemically refined oils strip the oil of its natural nutrients.

Now this will only help if the oil does not burn during cooking at high temperatures. A wholesome oil therefore is one that has a high smoke point which ensures that less oil is absorbed

In this quest I found Riso Rice bran oil, which lives up to its promise of being “So wholesome”. I really like the simplicity of the product – wholesome – 100% – just the way we like it in life and also in our food.

I then dug more and found some interesting things about the oil. Riso retains its high content of anti-oxidants like Oryzanol & Vit. E which have a plethora of benefits from improving HDL:LDL ratios to improving our skin. Riso also has Vit A & D along with Omega 3 & 6 which aid brain development.

Riso also has a neutral taste and no smell which eliminates the need of different oils for different purposes as it lends itself beautifully to all the types of cooking and cuisines you can think of.

A wholesome oil also has naturally balanced fat profile of SFA:MUFA:PUFA which ensures that you get the best of all the 3 elements of oil and that you don’t need to change your oil regularly to balance the intake of SFA:MUFA:PUFA.

What I also found was that blended oils which are essentillly a mixture of 2 oils, have a lower nutrient profile as compared to an oil that is 100% – a single source oil. This difference is due to the way blended oils are processes as compared to a single source oil which promises nutrition the way it’s available in nature.


Let your body HEAL(thy) from all those cheat meals!

Make the wholesome choice with Riso Rice Bran

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