Aromas Cafe- bandra -One cannot leave the restaurant without having hot cup of pipping coffee.

Aromas Cafe & Bistro Aromas Cafe
Ground Floor,Mamta Building,
Waterfield Road,Near National College,
Linking Road,Bandra West,
Mumbai-400 050

Today i was invited on behalf of Mr.Sachin Awasthee to experience some delicious food & drinks at one of their outlets at Bandra West.Aromas Cafe has been a part of the coffee culture for almost a decade. The brand has built a legacy by successfully running seven outlets and plans to expand and serve more to the customers. The Cafe has become everyone’s go-to place, whether it is for healthy breakfast, lunch with friends, dinner with family or just for some coffee all by yourself.

Basically its a French,Italian,Swiss Cuisine Restaurant.

It has other outlets at :
Aromas Cafe,Powai
Aromas Cafe & Bistro,Oshiwara,Andheri West
Aromas Cafe & Bistro,Kandivali West
Aromas Cafe,Juhu
Aromas Cafe,Vashi
Aromas Cafe,Viviana Mall,Majiwada,Thane West
Aromas Cafe,Hiranandani Estate,Thane West

Aromas Cafe has a one motto every habitat will be given a culinary experience,whether its from Salads to Quick Bites,Appetizers to Mains,Baked Goods to Sweet Sin even Pastries & Pizzas too.

They have appetizers like Jalapeno Nuggets,Chicken Peri Peri,Fish Finger & mains like Green Veggie-Steak,Honey Sriracha Chicken,Wood Cutter Pizza,Chilli Garlic,Spicy Chicken Pizza and more.They have wide collection of beverages like Cappuccino,Nutella Coffee,Premium Berry,Ice Dark Forest Mocha & end meals with Mud Cake or Red Velvet Cake.

The Bandra outlet is serving the ‘All You Can Eat’ breakfast menu from 7:00 AM To 11:00 AM, which is definetly their must try.Choose from the wide range of delectable breakfast options like Cous Cous Upma,Akuri on toast,Breakfast Pancakes,Sauteed Mushrooms,Grilled Sausages & lots more.

I started with “Premium/White Teas”.In this they have varieties like : White Tea Saffron Spice,De-Tox Tea & Darjeeling Tea.I tried the “White Tea Saffron Spice”.Its made with delicate white tea,clove,cinnamon,ginger,star anise,cardamom,natural extract of saffron.Saffron is a good source of antioxidents.

Later on had some fresh “Watermelon Juice” which is good for health & “Watermelon Mojito”.Its made of fresh mint leaves,fresh watermelon slices,light rum such as Bacardi,simple syrup,fresh squeezed lime juice.

Eggs Kejriwal – An all time favorite dish made with toasted burger buns topped with a runny fried egg and smoothered with green chutney flavored cream cheese sauce.

As a starter dish i had “Stroganoff”.In this there are two varieties : Veggie & Chicken.I ordered for “Veggie Stroganoff”.Its made by roasted veggies tossed in a rich cream sauce served with pimento rice.

Pimento Rice : Its made using butter,sweet onion,long-grain white rice,can vegetable broth,water,garlic powder,salt,pinch of cayenne pepper, mayonnaise,shredded sharp cheddar cheese,jar diced pimentos, drained.

Pimentos start out in life as a variety of chili pepper called “cherry peppers.” Small and red (hence the name), they are sweeter than bell peppers and very mild, with the lowest Scoville scale rating of all the chilies.

In salads i had “Arrabiata”(Without Chicken) & “Classic Waldorf Salad”.
Arrabbiata sauce, or sugo all’arrabbiata in Italian, is a spicy sauce for pasta made from garlic, tomatoes, and dried red chili peppers cooked in olive oil. …

Arrabbiata literally means “angry” in Italian; the name of the sauce refers to the spiciness of the chili peppers.

Arrabiata Salad is made using bell peppers,zucchini,cherry tomatoes in a spicy tomato & basil sauce.

Classic Waldorf Salad : Its a classic salad made of granny smith apples,lettuce,toasted almonds & a roasted garlic flavoured ‘mayonnaise dressing’.

Why don’t try some “PIZZA”?.
Mouth Watered After Hearing Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!…Yummy!!!.

Yes…This restaurant serves varieties of pizzas such as : Margherita,Aromas Delight,Paneer Chilli,Desi Fiesta Paneer,Wood cutters,Chilli Garlic Spicy Chicken,Meat Feast,Rosemary Roasted Potato Pizza,Chilli Garlic Chicken Sausage Pizza,Barbeque Pizza,Veg Supreme Pizza.I thought to try the “Wood Cutters Pizza”.Its made using spinach,baby corn,jalapenos & sun dried tomatoes.

Finally its time to try some “Desserts” & “Pastries” of the restaurant.They have varieties of pastries & desserts such as Chocolate Brownie,Chocolate Truffle,Ferraro Rocher Slice,Salted Hazelnut Truffle Torte,Norte Tiramisu,Dulce De Leche,Gateau Moderno,Swiss Cherry Trifle,Caramello Cheese,Rum & Raisin Gateaux,Red Velvet Jar Dessert,Trois Pot,Bliss In A Jar.

Gateau Moderno : Gateau is a french word means a rich cake,typically one containing layers of cream or fruit.Its made with dark Belgium coverture,special surprise filling of gianduja & exotic nuts served with a hot chocolate ganache.

Swiss Cherry Trifle : Its a Swiss dessert made out of red cherries,milk chocolate ganache & a red fruit crunch emulsion.

Ganache means a whipped filling of chocolate and cream,used in confectioneries such as cakes and truffles.

Rum & Raisin Gateaux : Its made using steeped raisins with a dark coverture creameux on walnut sponge.

Overall ambience is good & spacious but costly as the restaurant is situated in Bandra area.

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