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If you’ve ever dreamed of a wine vending machine offering over 100 kinds of wine at different pour levels, you can wake up and start swirling. Wine Villa is India’s first ever wine-on-tap restaurant. Located in Horizon Hotel Juhu, the space along with all the wine from around the world is all set to offer a fabulous view and a set of signature dishes put together by Masterchef Australia 2017 winner, Diana Chan.

Juhu comes alive with a number of high-end fashion stores and restaurants. The place is simply fabulous! It’s gradually becoming a hotbed for the city’s elite! The ‘Wine Villa’ is strategically located in this vicinity! The ambiance comes alive with an array of neon illuminates. The vibe is energetic, perky, young, zestful and most of all Instagramable! The Wine Villa is well planned and divided into three sections. Australian Master Chef winner, Diana Chan has very thoughtfully invested in making the ‘Wine Villa’ a go-to place for Mumbaikars and wine enthusiasts from around the world! Typically it is the first wine ATM that Mumbai’s ever had! The Wine Rack boasts of a fantastical range of over 100 wines from around the world. The idea behind Wine rack is to dilute the misconception that wine is an elitist choice of alcohol, alongwith some exciting additions.


Wine and food pairings have been a part of Mumbai culture for almost a decade. However, it hasn’t been formally introduced, the way it has like in the Wine Villa. The cuisines offered here comprise of an interesting array of Indian, European, Mediterranean, and Asian Cuisines. Desserts are the icing on the cake. Diana Chan has insightfully curated the menu introducing global fusions in the way that simply tickle your taste buds. The team at the restaurant is well informed and have a clear idea of what they’re serving. They are quick on a heel, and adhere to all the requisite restaurant etiquettes. The standards are international, and simply enliven patrons.


I was simply delighted to get an invitation to write about the Wine Rack. The food I tasted was simply outstanding.

We stared with a delicious ‘Cottage Cheesewich’, where the cottage cheese was grilled to perfection. The inside saw the marriage of mushrooms and spice curried ‘Taro’ leaves that were cooked to perfection. For the non-vegetarian variation I tried the ‘Spicy Pebble Chicken’. This was delicious and delightful. I have also tried the ‘Mountain Chilly Prawns’ (This is a must have for every Mumbaikar). Freshness is imbued in every dish prepared and ingredient used! The ‘Lahmachun Spiced Lamb Samosa’ has some Malaysian leanings, infused with the Indian savoury outing in the forma of a Samosa. This is indeed a wonderful coupling of cultures.   


We graduated to the main course where I have enjoyed the ‘Savoury curried Cottage Cheese Baklava, and Exotic Veg Mappas Curry (Cochin flavour spiced and creamy coconut preparation served with Barley). The flavour here quite tickled my palate. For the non-vegetarians the ‘Thyme Buttered Sceared Snapper’, and ‘Braised Lamb Shak’ did the rounds. These were outstanding too!


I always end on a sweet note. The ‘Vanilla bean Pancotta’ and ‘Philly Cheesecake’. The was well-plated, and by far one of the best desserts I have consumed so far.

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