People eat when they are hungry. Fix the hunger first. Life at Zomato

People eat when they are hungry. Fix the hunger first. Life at Zomato

If I were the one to take the action against that delivery person of #Zomato, . I would have invited that delivery person at my office, offer him next few months coupons for dinner & lunch, apologise to every customer by admitting the mistake publicly on behalf of that delivery person by assuring that it will never happen again and then putting a policy of one free meal to every delivery person as a perks to work tirelessly in a fastest growing food delivery company…

Blaming a whole organisation for one delivery person by just typing updates or comments from your keyboard by sitting at home is easy, running an organization of thousands of people is not!

And! Y not this be a master plan to spoil the market of #Zomato by its so called leading competitor.. so anything it could be…
Make little sense before you talk… @zomato

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