Shake it On!-The ThickShake Factory - thoraipakkam

Shake it On!-The ThickShake Factory – thoraipakkam

Shake it On!


Milk has been an inherent part of the Indian culture. The brainchild (actually brain children) behind the Thickshake Factory (Ashwin and Yeashwanath), forges stronger bonds with the east and west; using milk as a medium; bringing two cultures together.


Abhilash Gelli handles seventeen operational Thickshake Factories in Chennai. They hope to inaugurate 30 outlets by the end of the year. I have visited the Thoraipakkam branch. The place is queer, and comes alive with youthful banter. The hungry ones opt for a Thickshake, while the Thirsty one take to a milkshake. But the shakes make for a complete cooler on a hot day in Chennai.


Fun and games assume mainstay at the Thickshake Factory. Laughter and merriment trickles as Jenga Blocks make their way up, and come crumbling down like a pack of cards. The décor is simplistic, and modern, yet assuming a vibrant air.


The menu is just as quirky as the outlet. There are a number of options for fruit, chocolate, coffee, and candy lovers. There is a section devoted to those who fancy the exotic variation.


Some of the most delicious shakes I sipped on have been the Hazelnut Cookie Thickshake and the Red Velvet Milkshake. These totally deserved a round of applause. Since I couldn’t exactly stop there I stung on the fruit notes with Strawberry Chocolate Chip, and Caramel Banana. I got a little conscious here after, but didn’t really shy from asking around, and got wondrous reviews from other guests as well. Some of the top rating ones included, the Nutella Brownie Crumble, the mint Cookie Crumble, Mexican Vanilla, and the Caramel Carnival.


I end by stating that I have had a nice time at the Thickshake Factory. It is nice to learn that places devoted to Milk and good health are successfully swooning young Indians. Good Job and Kudos to the Thickshake Factory.




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