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There was this light nip in the air, and I was in a mood for a long drive. I simply revved off in my sporty number and headed towards Khapoli. On the Mumbai Pune Expressway I spot this fun joint named ‘South and More’. I already found myself salivating at the very thought of food, and decided to hop in. Being a die-hard enthusiast for the south Indian cuisine, I left no stones unturned at ordering my share.


Manager Mr. Ashutosh and team ‘South & More’, were quick on a heel and ready to serve.


In no set order, but here are some of the most delicious things I ordered for! (I profusely apologise if I have missed on anything, but I don’t exactly think I have! The preps were amazing, and each dish had a unique and distinct flavour!)

I started with the Molgapudi Idli (Fluffy rice parcels that are steamed to perfection and served piping hot)! The Molgapudi powder was simply outstanding! The Idlis were at its fluffiest best! Perfect for a great start to a fabulous upcoming meal!

Next I tried was the ‘Tatthu idli’. The idli’s here are cooked in small steel ‘Thali’s’. The idlis assume the form of flat plate! I smeared the idli with luscious bouts of coconut chutney and sambhar.

The ‘Bisi Bele Bhat’ was simply outstanding! This is a traditional South Indian spicy Khichdi. The rice is cooked alongwith toor dal, and a specific combination of spices. They certainly offered a delectable variation of the same.

I also downed some simple Dal Khichdi, to abate the welling heat in my tummy. I couldn’t resist trying the Dhokla (A Gujarati variation of Idli).

I added the Kanjeevaram Idli to my list! This variation is richer, and has added dry fruits to it! I derived immense pleasure in savouring the dry fruits with my meal. Since I had a good number of idlis, I didn’t quite hesitate to try the Dosas. These delicious rice flour crepes had a slight international leaning, as it was filled with noodles inside. I couldn’t help trying the curd rice that was tempered with lentils and curry leaves.


I ended the meal on a sweet note (like I always do) with Sheera (A Roasted suji sweetened dish cooked with dry fruits and topped off with strands of saffron)

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