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Today what I am going to write is about my experience at the ‘Food and Travel for the Soul Event’ that happened on the 15th of November 2018. Just like every event I go to, the invitation was enticing, as I pretty much got a jist of what was going to be served.


I was treated like a queen as Elise Gabriel, the award-winning author of ‘Deep Sea Diver’ and Travel Explorer, showed us around and make me feel at ease.


People residing in the financial capital of the country are always looking for something different to try. I cannot deny that we have quite a bit of exposure to Asian cuisine, which keeps growing by the day, but the flavours have been twisted to suit the Indian taste buds.


But at this particular event, I was exposed to the choicest of AUTHENTIC Japanese and Korean dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Rounds of complimentary Sake helped ease the nerves, and made this a go-to event for every food enthusiast in the city. Chef Vaibhav took it in his stride to explain the nuances of his passion that beautifully married the ingredients to create authentic plates of joy. All this in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere! The session was interactive and was jeered towards internal growth of the mind using food and travel as a medium.

I was treated like a queen, and Elise and Tanya Satish ( Creed Entertainment) , were always around whenever I needed anything at all.

 Chef Vaibhav showed USA dramatic culinary display of the unique dish Available only a n Origami-tbe Flaming Sushi which was torched to carmalised the flying fish roe and par cook the sushi to enhance the taste

Elsie Gabriel world explorer and culinary tourist took us around the globe with connections on how food and our moods are connected and how rural gourmet are scientifically curated to boost the soul and mind. Her talk was very motivating.

We started with the Tofu salad. The salad was clean and very organic. It was completed with an array of vegetables that included lettuce, cucumber, carrot, silken tofu, and tossed in some homemade sesame dressing.

We went onward to try the soups. I totally relished the Japanese Miso Soup, and the Korean Kimchi Jjigae soup. The Miso soup comprise of a certain type of edible seaweed, and fermented soybean paste. I was also told that Soybean is a huge source of protein and longevity giving Japanese’s their health. The soup was clear in origin, simple yet delicious.

The Kimchi Jjigae soup is more like a stew. It has a spicy flavour (could make you sweat) but delicious all the same.


The starters comprised of the ‘California Roll Sushi’ (well prepared with Avocado, cream cheese and cucumber.). They also had a non-vegetarian version to the same. I dug into some ‘Kkanpunggi’, which is an authentic Korean sweet and spicy dish. It was lip smacking, and both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants.


I also tried the ‘Kimchi Jeon. This is another Korean variation that comprises of Khimchi (Pickled cabbage) cooked with all purpose flour and vegetables. Meat is added for all those who favour the non-vegetarian variation.  


The main course was simple but none the less delectable. I tried the Korean curry and rice. It was flavourful, spicy, yet loaded with veggies. For the Japanese variety they has served The authentic ‘Japanese Yaki Soba’ was simple, loaded with vegetables and the lightly nutty flavoured Soba noodles. The dishes were outstanding indeed!


I finished the meal with the cooling bouts of Green Tea and lemongrass ice-cream. I sipped on delicious lemon grass cooler while I was at my meal. The citrus blast transported me to the ‘land of the Orient’.


All in all, I had a wonderful experience, and I had a whale of a time! I would


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