Azad IMPPA group is all set to win the IMPPA 2018 Election

The stirring enthusiasm for the forthcoming filmmaker’s association to be held on September 29 has accelerated. But even before that, it is seen in 26th September press meet that a large group of filmmakers joined the group and supported the candidates of Azad IMPPA Group. It is being said that these producers see the Azad IMPPA group as a strong alternative and in the election. It can be seen from the current situation that AZAD IMPPA group is leading and the chances of winning are very high. Right now, after the news, the uneasiness of the opposition camp has started to be visible.
About this, the prime member of the Azad IMPPA Group Haresh G Patel clarified that people who have won in the last elections have not done any such work so that the filmmakers will have confidence in them. They misused their power to win the post of victory. But the Azad IMPPA group clearly believes that if we win in the election, then we will work to carry everything together. Mr. Haresh Patel also promised that if he wins this election, He’ll open an IMPPA office in Lucknow.
Raju Bhatt, the prime member of the Azad IMPPA Group, told that small producers have to accumulate enough points to buy satellite right rights. That’s why our preeminent priority will be to talk to other people including UFOs for cost-cutting of satellite rights for those manufacturers.
Vinay Sinha said that when the South people did this with unity, why can not we? This is our main issue, on which we will work primarily after the election. It will be a salutary thing for small producers and they will not get any problem with the satellite rights of their films. Vinay Sinha is also a member of the Azad IMPPA Group.
Apart from them, Vinod Chhabra, Anil Naryani, Atul P Patel, Barkat Vavhavania, Ghanshyam Talaviya, Bharat N Patel, Harsukh Bhai Patel, Pradeep Singh, Sapna Sapu (Goyal), Tania Sharma, Vikram Kumar Thakkar, Vijay Kumar Yadav of Azad IMPPA Group, Vikas P Verma and Azad IMPPA Group Associates Nilesh Mehta and Suresh Grover also appealed to manufacturers to make Azad IMPPA group victorious in this election.

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