*”Perfect Mrs India” 2018* Presented By *Bright*- its me in final round -proud moment

Next Saturday By This Time The Winner Of Perfect Mrs India Will Be Here
Sunny Leone Unveiled The Trophy Of Bright Awards And The Crown Of Bright “Perfect Mrs India” 2018
Rakhee Sawant With The Finalist Of Perfect Mrs India 2018
For What It’s Worth: It’s Never Too Late To Be Whoever You Want To Be …
which made me  qualify for final round… my confident answers

1) What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Ability to win again all odds.

2) How Important Is Fitness?
Fitness is the elixir of life.

3) What Are The Leading Causes For Women To Feel Depressed And Dominated?
Men chauvinism and pluralism

4) Is Marraige A Lifechanger For All?
Yes- it makes a women complete

5) To Be A Role Model, You Need To Do Something Challenging.Which Challenge You Want To Take For The Good Cause?
iIwant to take up the challenge for the differently abled and integrate them with society

6) Why Beauty Pageants Are Considered To End Up In Bollywood Or Anything In Entertainment Industry? Do You Believe The Same? Your View On It…

Not necessarily, they can shine in any field in life

7) Beauty Derives From________? Fill Your Thoughts…

Beauty derives from both physical and mental makeup.

😎 Being Known In Society Is Always A Responsibility Towards It… Reason?

Being known in society ,rise the bench mark.we need to strive hard to be in the top

9) India Being An Independent Nation Has Provided Womanhood With All The EQUALITY ?True /False… WHY?

False- we have lot of inequality  in many sections of society which needs a correction course .

10) If You Get To Represent Our Nation, What Different Initiative Will U Put Up There ?
My intiative will be to remove inequality and bring women at par with men .

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