What’s Trending, Viral and Hot?, its the – Vada Pav Song!

The pop culture has crowned many upcoming artists with their due credit for success. After Dhinchak Puja and Om Prakash the makers of the song “Badi Badi Baatien, Vada Pav Khaate” is at the centre of gathering the limelight these days. The song is based on Mumbai’s love for its local Aamchi Public and its very own staple fast food- Vada pav.

With a catchy tune to buzz and a trendy beat to dance to, the song is already a favourite amongst the pop culture enthusiast and is roaring at all social networking sites and apps. The song portrays the very essence of the people of Mumbai with their big hearts and even bigger mouths. It showcases beautifully how a craving for Vada pav webs together various classes of the society; be it a common man or a celebrity icon such as Shah Rukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar!

The music is composed by D. Sushant and the lyrics are penned by Jay Kumar Ajay and the video is produced by Mica Music Company and marketed by

Media Tribe.

The song is part of a bigger project, a short film, ‘Paanch Ankhen’, which is slated to release in the month of August this year. The short film focuses on the problems of eve-teasing and different point of views on the subject.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1_jJNSVFik

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