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ROOTING UPWARD -Roots – Nourish Naturally-A wing, 203, Ekta Apartments, Opp Oberoi Mall, Malad East (10.33 mi) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400097

Rooting upward …..

Rooting upward With growing age, a number of health concerns attack most of us. Blame it on the erratic lifestyle or even the augmenting stress levels. The other day I was invited to Mridula Malhotra’s clinic ‘ROOTS Nourish Naturally’ at Goregaon,opposite Oberoi Mall . Mridula Malholtra uses Simple natural therapies to arrest difficult lifestyle ailments. I received a rather warm welcome, and was treated to a special herbal jaggery Welcome drink. This drink was perfect, and made me at ease almost instantaneously. ‘ROOTS’ predominantly works on four major areas 1. Pain management 2. Body detox 3. Face care 4. Hair care Each of these physiological issues could have psychological leanings as most health issues stem out of stress. Which is precisely why naturopath Mridula gets to the crux of the problem to solve the issue. Roots specialises in arresting knee issues, by using external procedures that are capable of eliminating the need of a surgery. Since I suffered from knee inclined issues I decided going to ROOTS , and trying a session for myself. When I went for the treatment I that my calves were swollen too. I was treated using a customized programme that would suit my needs. I was given an ideal massage to ease the tension from my calves. The cold pack, made out of organic cloth and ice did wonders. I was also asked to follow alternative therapeutical options and take to certain stretches to help ease my pain. What I really liked about roots is they use natural and organic ingredients to make the creams and oils. Infact, the creams and oils are made right there in front of you. The session ended with a healing and energising herbal decoctation. Indeed I felt rejuvenated and relaxed. All in all ,a good place to go, however, you must ensure you take a couple of sessions to witness the results. It was very satisfying to be looked after and healing through Mother Nature’s medicines.


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