“Do not feel shy or embarrassed in turning into a ‘Pumping Mom’. Be a proud Pumping Mom”

“Do not feel shy or embarrassed in turning into a ‘Pumping Mom’. Be a proud Pumping Mom”

Today’s modern mothers are constantly switching their daily roles. They are managing different transitions of life like taking care of baby while juggling their work deadlines and family commitments. For new-age mothers, sometimes it becomes difficult to breastfeed as often as they need to. In such situations, a breast pump is quite useful to keep your baby’s belly full while you take care of your daily tasks. Chicco’s ‘Natural Feeling’ range of Breast Pumps offer natural comfort and practical features to continue feeding your milk more simply and comfortable for a longer duration.

On this Breast feeding week, 1st– 7th August, we on behalf of Chicco India would like to create awareness about breastfeeding- GIVING YOUR MILK IS AS SIMPLE AS GIVING YOUR LOVE and establish the brand – Chicco Manual Breast Pump as an ideal solution for new age mothers for comfortable and elongated breast feeding.

Benefits for the Mother: Allows the mother to continue giving her precious milk to the baby for his healthy growth while helping her overcome the feeding difficulties if any. Helps the mother to prolong feeding the baby with her own milk even when she resumes work. Guarantees comfort, gentleness and practicality while enabling her to enjoy this special experience.

Key Features of Manual Breast Pump Natural feeling:

–          2 phase expression – that mimics the newborns natural sucking behavior at the mother’s breast i.e. first stimulating the letdown of milk and then extraction

–          Ergonomic handle that ensures easy grip & maximum comfort for the mother

–          Extra soft silicone cup which perfectly adheres & is gentle on breast

Chicco is one of the biggest global baby care brands from Italy. Chicco is part of the Italy based
multinational company, Artsana Group. The brand takes care of multiple needs of babies in 0 to 36
month range through its innovative products in nursing, cosmetics, toys, travel (Strollers, highchairs and
car safety seats) and fashion. With its brand essence of ‘wherever there’s a baby’, Chicco puts its passion
and expertise into capturing the moments between parents and babies to transform them into safe,
simple, and effective solutions.
Brand Heritage
Artsana Group, founded in 1946 by Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli, recorded a total turnover in 2016
of 1,442 million Euro, divided between 2 business areas: Baby Care (87%) and Health Care (13%). Set up
as a small family business, since April 2016 the 60% of the Group is owned by Investindustrial and the
40% by the Catelli family. The Group operates all around the world, with 5 production units in Europe
and 21 subsidiaries, 12 of which are in Europe, along with a network of agents and distributors located
in over 100 different countries. Some of the Group’s major brand names are Chicco, Prénatal, Neo Baby,
Boppy and, since February 2016, Fiocchi di Riso, Sitar Clean and Fiosiolact.
Chicco, the flagship brand of the Artsana is a cross category Master Brand on the world Baby care
market and has introduced many innovative solutions in baby care category including the world’s first
Anti-Hiccup Teat and Trio System stroller, the Bee Hive projector.
Chicco’s vast experience in the infant world has been complimented by an Observatory
Facility – ‘Chicco Osservatorio’ (Baby Research Centre), dedicated to increasing its knowledge of psycho-
physical, emotional and social needs of the babies. Osservatorio observes these aspects very closely,
collaborates with experts in the medical-scientific world, communicates with the education facilities and
constantly gathers suggestions from mothers and fathers to gain as much knowledge as possible on the
world of children. The brand then applies new ideas and innovation to create safe and healthy products
for babies.
Chicco in India

Artsana started its Indian operations in 2010 with its 100% subsidiary headquartered at Gurgaon. In the
past 7 years, Chicco has been able to make its significant mark in Indian baby care market and has been
growing at a CAGR of above 35% since then. Chicco has an omni-channel presence in India through
multichannel distribution including Chicco exclusive brand stores, speciality baby shops, online partners
and distribution. Chicco believes in offering the same global product experience to all its consumers

across the countries. The products are manufactured in Artsana group’s in-house production units in
Italy and directly supervised units in India and other countries under strict quality parameters and safety
Products in India

Chicco offers entire range of baby products for 0-36 months of babies except food and medicine.
 Nursing: Chicco offers a wide range of nursing products related to Breast feeding, Boppy nursing
pillow, Sterilisation, Soothing, Weaning, Protection (Insect, Sun, and Accessories) and
Humidification. All the feeding bottles, soothing and weaning products are BPA free.
 Baby Cosmetics: Chicco has ‘Baby Moments’ and ‘Natural Sensation’ range of baby cosmetics
that are parabens free, hypoallergenic and clinically tested. They are free from alcohol, SLS and
‘Baby Moments‘ is already a well reckoned name by new-age mothers for baby cosmetics in
India; ‘Natural Sensation’ is a new launch, the composition of which is inspired by ‘vernix
caseosa’ (a layer that protects baby’s skin in the last trimester inside mother’s womb). The range
is free from phenoxyethanol, mineral oils and colouring agents.
 Juvenile: Chicco is one of the leading and preferred brands in this category and offers a wide
range of First strollers, Second strollers and Duo systems (combination of stroller and car safety
In addition to strollers, the range includes baby carriers, Highchairs, Bouncers and car safety
seats. All the products are homologated to international standard of quality and safety.
Toys: Chicco offers specific, fun and safe products in infant, preschool and ride-on categories.
We design and develop our toys to support parents in the growth of their children, meeting
their needs and stimulating their aptitudes. Chicco is committed to make this special time
unique by offering products that let parents and children know each other in every single
moment, while playing and discovering new things around them in complete serenity.
 Fashion: Designed in Italy, Chicco fashion is one of the most distinguished lines in 0-4 years of
age group. Baby apparels are designed for intuitive playfulness and comfort of the baby. The
materials used to produce our products are tested according to stringent quality standards.
Chicco shoes, light weight and flexible, with the exclusive insole “Chicco Natural Footprint” that
aids the natural development of the arch of the foot.
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