Imagine walking into a place with little puppies playing around. Three Chennai based youngsters, namely Mr. Vikram , Mrs. Rekha and Mr. Guru conceptualize ‘Twisty Tales’. They thought that the restaurant coupled with great food and little puppies to play with would prove to be an instant hit! But the start of the venture met with unending challenges that took the three entrepreneurs by surprise. Yet they didn’t deter, and decided to put their best foot forward to make their dream venture a reality. “To begin with it was so difficult to get the place on rent, and tenants were afraid that the barking of the dogs would cause chaos and commotion.”


My school friend introduced me to Twisty Tales. But honestly what I received was a mixed bag of reviews. Yet, I was lured by the prospect of meeting with the little puppies and playing with them. I went onwards, and thought I should not go as a food blogger but go there as a normal person vising the outlet.


I walked into the restaurant and was warmly greeted by the restaurant staff. They introduced me to the little gang of fur-balls (Shitzu’s) who honestly were so full of life. I was politely instructed only to feed food that was specifically prepared for them by the in-house chef. Yes, these lovelies are given a separate play area. There is another section for those who want to get their own fur balls along. Doggies can be quite temperamental at times and one doesn’t want their pets to misbehave with someone else’s either.


The better part is that dog lovers could also bring their own pooches along, however the food served to them should also be in-house only. The chef makes these little cuties their own sugar free ice cream. What is even better is, team twisty tales has curated a special menu for the doggies.


I got a little chatty with the owner and learned that the dogs were well taken care of, and each of them had a personality and identity of their own. They regularly groom their dogs and take them to the vet for their vaccines. They are taken out from time to time for their jobs. Through the owners and whilst I was there I realized one thing that even doggies are living beings and they do encounter with their own set of mood swings. They are not entitled to be energetic at all times to entertain the walk-in coming to the restaurant. Hence it is very hurtful when people pass judgemental remarks at a drop of a hat stating that the doggies are not well kept. However I must add that the Shitzu’s are well fed, and well kept too.


As for the food I tried a number of delicious things. We started with the Dhaba chilli chicken Nachos and went onward to try out the ‘Madras Effect’ (finger chips with a difference). The ‘Chicken dusted popcorn’ was simply delicious. I also savoured some Pan grilled Pot stickers, and ‘Tandoori Chicken Dim Sums’. I went onward to try the mains. I tucked into some ‘Tapenade Paneer Angara (it had a delicious olive and mustard twist’), and Malai Murg Zaitooni (chicken cooked in fresh cream and spices). I thought of trying a soup whilst having the meal (yes indeed it is against the rules, but I went ahead and did it.) I found comfort in the ‘Masala Corn and Dhainya Shorba’. The ‘Street Style Manchurian’ was simply out of this world!

The ‘Huge and Mastiff’ double chicken burger was quite something. Pretty much like it was defined by its name it was huge! The terrific ‘Tandoori Twist’ pizza imparted a singular flavour. The Malaysian delicacy of the ‘Homemade Rendang Lamb was a classic’. I couldn’t resist the urge to call for a ‘Dal Makhni with a TT twist,’ it was original to the core. The ‘Murgh Dum Biryani’ got me to lick my fingers.

I had to end my meal on a sweet note. I shamelessly downed the chocolate mud sip, and washed the entire meal down with hot chocolate.’


I spent a little over six hours at Twisty Tails. There was no one there to stop me, and they were more than happy to give the service.


I must add that playing with these doggies works like therapy, and indirectly the owners are doing their people a huge favour by installing joy back again into their lives. May the blessing of many should be with the three musketeers, and may they be rewarded with good luck and success in the days to follow.  


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