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It was a warm weekday afternoon! I found myself booking a taxi to Krishna restaurant in the eastern side of the vicinity of Bandra. I was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of people, who seemed to be toppling over of the delicious delights prepared by the chef in the facility. The owner Dhruv, was a down to earth guy, who smilingly took me around the facility, and then seated me at my spot. The waiters were ever smiling, and were quick on a heel to serve.


While Dhruv was asking his chef to whip up a special meal for me, I stole the moment to ask people around about, how was the food at the place. I received a prompt response stating that the food was simply delicious. I saw scores of empty place pass my eyes. Yes indeed there was no wasted food at all. Since the restaurant also did home deliveries, they managed to provide their delicious delights to office going customers also. I was told that the food was perfect and well suited the non-vegetarian lovers.


The owner told me that they prepared elaborate meals. They would cook about 70 kilograms of chicken on a daily basis. They also manage to sell out on their chicken /mutton Biryani. They make 20 to 30 kilograms of the same, and it would be sold out by lunch.


I simply couldn’t believe my ears. I waited for the meal to arrive on my table for me to try. I tucked into a ‘Palak Shorba’ (spinach Soup) specially curated for me by Dhruv and his chef. The Oriental Crispy Paneer starter was delicious!


I also tried the special Pudina Paneer Tikka (Mint and cottage cheese stuffed dumplings shallow fried till they are crispy golden brown.) the Tikkas were delicious. They imparted a singular flavour.


The White Tandoori Afghan was simply delicious. It was made using Chicken legs, marinated in a delicious homemade sauce. It was one of the hottest selling dishes. The butter garlic prawns were cooked to perfection. The buttery out crust did absolute justice to the meal.


The Kejwani Kebab was out of the world. It has pieces of chicken cooked to perfection in butter, retaining the freshness within the dish, and yet imparting a distinctly different flavour.


The butter naan (Indian flat bred variety, made using all-purpose flour) was cooked in the Tandoor too. it was soft and fresh, and would melt the moment it entered your mouth.  I also tucked in a butter Garlic naan. It is the same flatbread topped off with butter and smeared with roasted garlic. In te breads I also had the Butter Kulcha (A butter filled stuffed flatbread that is cooked on an open fire traditional flame.)


The butter chicken was savoury. The spices were perfect, and tender juicy chickens were cooked well, on a slow flame in an open kiln.


The Murg Tangdi Masala was lovely. It was cooked using chicken legs in special homemade spices.

I also tried the vegetable bhuna. The shallow fried vegetables blended well with the cooked tomatoes and herbed spices.


I finished my meal with the delicious season’s special mango cream.


I was told by Dhruv, that they would soon be refurbishing the restaurant. When they get back, they do so with a bang, and they will ensure that the quality is not compromised on. They also plan on opening another facility elsewhere in another part of the city.


I keenly await new beginnings with the staple favourites and newer introductions to the menu. Hope you remember the vegetarians too!


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