I have seen people grow with the support of PR activities and social media. What I am amazed by is how your good Karma becomes your social media and gets you the required attention taking you places. ‘Bhojan Express’ is a tiffin meals service or better known as the carrier meals service that was started by KarthiKeyan. The idea was to empower women, and get them to become financially independent by giving them the franchisee at absolutely no cost. I have seen fewer male feminists in my time. But the ones I have chanced upon are ardent in their own right, and help support women in a huge way.

What started out with just a few carriers going out in a day, has swelled over a period of time into a mammoth four figure and continues to grow and fast. Today ‘Bhojan Express’ feeds over 1000 mouths and more. The food served is fresh and delicious and to top it all it is simply inexpensive.

Bhojan Express has made its presence felt through the word of mouth. The brand simply needs no introduction as it stays true to its attributes. Yes, this also means you will NOT find them on Zomato. The Reviews on Facebook are just more than enough to take them places. They’ve tie up with Private Auto Operators which is operated by women autowalas, ensuring that parcels reach office goers on time. They have a menu that changes on a daily basis.

Bhojan Express is all about vegetarian, authentic, South Indian meals that are packed and delivered in Steel stackable cases that people used like in the olden days. There are so many health hazards associated with plastic. Some of these are heinous enough may lead one to their deathbed with life taking diseases such as cancer. KartiKeyan, the founder of Bhojan Express has re-invented the old method back again to ensure that mankind doesn’t die a brutal death with life taking diseases such as cancer.

They have an impressive menu that changes on a daily basis. Some of the items listed on the menu include a variety of rice variations including Veg Pulav, Tomato Rice, Veg Briyani, Tamarind Rice, Keera Rice, Lemon Rice, Curd rice and Sambhar Rice. They also serve Roti. Their Kuttu, Poriyal, and Payasam are very famous. Onlookers totally enjoy the meals. Some of them even state that they look forward to eating some of the dishes.

The good part of getting back the old way ensures a certain level of hygiene is maintained while carrying out the services.

As I close the blog I only wish KarthiKeyan and his venture well. It takes a lot for an IT enthusiast to go out of his way and help better society by reaching out to women and empowering them in their own right. I earnestly wish the venture grows leaps and bounds and I can once again re-visit their upcoming novel attributes.

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